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TSC growing in role as information sharing bridge

Agency links federal, and state and local law enforcement departments to ensure terrorism data flows both ways. Nelson says the more agencies use the watchlist the better it becomes.

Tags: technology , management , Corey Nelson , TSC , Adfero Group , Ellen Howe , information sharing , State and local government , law enforcement

Tuesday - 06/09/2009, 08:17pm EDT

Protest of TSA IT contract sustained

GAO tells agency to fix RFP and relook at bids. Unisys and General Dynamics get another chance to make their case to win the $500 million contract.

Tags: contracting , GAO , CSC , Unisys , General Dynamics , IT services

Friday - 01/22/2010, 05:45pm EST

TSA picks CSC to run its technology infrastructure

Agency goes with new vendor instead of incumbent, Unisys. The contract is worth up to half a billion dollars.

Tags: contracting , technology , Unisys , CSC , EDS , Lockheed Martin , Northrop Grumman , General Dynamics , ITIP , Managed services

Monday - 09/28/2009, 06:57am EDT

TSA's CrewPASS passes muster

Security is getting tighter, yet lines are getting shorter. It's all about new procedures and technology.

Tags: security , technology , mngt , best practices , CrewPASS , ARINC , Air Line Pilots Association , John Prater

Tuesday - 08/11/2009, 02:07pm EDT

What TSA can do to prevent terror incidents in the air

J. Bennet Waters of the Chertoff Group on ways the TSA can prevent a repeat of Christmas Day's failed attempt aborad Northwest 253.

Tags: technology , homeland security , J. Bennet Waters , Chertoff Group , Northwest Flight 253 , DHS ,

Tuesday - 12/29/2009, 11:21am EST

TSA's IdeaFactory goes viral

TSA's Acting Administrator Gale Rossides tells Federal News Radio that the agency is gearing up to deploy a collaboration tool throughout the DHS and beyond.

Tags: technology , management , IdeaFactory , Gale Rossides , Web 2.0 , government 2.0 , DHS

Tuesday - 10/27/2009, 09:28am EDT

Analysis: why the dots weren't connected in airline bomb plot

The President says the government had enough information to thwart the Christmas Day attack ahead of time but that the intelligence community, though trained to do so, did not "connect those dots."

Tags: security , management , silos , Intelligence Community , Ralph Basham

Wednesday - 01/06/2010, 10:20am EST

Company says its scanners could thwart next airline terror attempt

Peter Kant of Rapiscan Systems says his company's see-through technology could prevent the next terrorist armed with explosives from boarding an airplane.

Tags: tech , Peter Kant , Rapiscan , OSI Systems , airport security , homeland security , full-body scan , backscatter , stimulus

Wednesday - 12/30/2009, 11:47am EST

Post-Southers: What's next for TSA?

The White House said Wednesday that the president had accepted Southers' withdrawal with great sadness and continued to believe he would have made an excellent TSA administrator. Work at TSA, meanwhile, continues.

Tags: mngt , Erroll Southers , Ralph Basham , Command Consulting Group , Secret Service , CBP

Wednesday - 01/20/2010, 11:30am EST

America wonders: What is it you do again?

The Obama Administration has a ready-made opportunity to improve the public's perception of the federal government through improved communications, but first it must do a better job of overcoming a "crisis of complexity" that leaves a majority of Americans unclear about the nature and breadth of services federal agencies provide, according to a new poll. Alan Siegel, Founder and Chairman, Siegel & Gale, has details.

Tags: mngt , transparency , Alan Siegel , Siegel and Gale , NHTSA , CMS , FTC , FDA , EPA

Wednesday - 03/31/2010, 09:40am EDT
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