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How GAO identified tax-deliquent stimulus contractors

Greg Kutz, the Managing Director of GAO's Forensic Audits and Special Investigations team, explained how contractors were evaluated for the report.

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Thursday - 05/26/2011, 06:19pm EDT

'Losers lists' helped Recovery Board track stimulus funds

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board says nearly everyone who's taken stimulus money is filing reports about how they're using it.

Tags: Earl Devaney , Recover Board , transparency , stimulus funds , Technology , In Depth

Wednesday - 04/13/2011, 05:35pm EDT

DoD wrongly reports $1.7B in stimulus spending

The IG says the Defense Department didn't follow specific rules to make sure the information was correct.

Tags: DoD Report , inspector general , stimulus funds , budget , Oversight , accountability , Government Computer News , In Depth

Tuesday - 03/29/2011, 03:47pm EDT

TARP official gives program an 'F' for helping homeowners

The man in charge of keeping an eye on the money in the Troubled Assets Relief Program is leaving office -- but not quietly.

Tags: Neil Barofsky , Federal News Radio , Wall Street , Troubled Asset Relief Program , Evan Haning

Tuesday - 03/29/2011, 02:45pm EDT

Bailout watchdog Barofsky to resign

Special Inspector General for TARP Neil Barofsky said he is stepping down on March 30.

Tags: Neil Barofsky , SIGTARP , inspector general , accountability , bailout , Barack Obama , resignation , Jolie Lee

Monday - 02/14/2011, 03:14pm EST

GAO: workforce planning an issue at TARP

The Government Accountability Office continues to follow the progress of TARP. GAO's Tom McCool gives us an update.

Tags: Federal Drive , management , best practices , GAO , Treasury , Tom McCool

Friday - 01/14/2011, 10:08am EST

Was the financial bailout legal?

The Wall Street Journal reports on the legal debate over TARP.

Tags: Treasury , Wall Street Journal , bank bailout , Citigroup , Must Reads , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 03:41pm EST

U.S. bailouts benefited foreign firms, report says

The federal government's effort to stabilize the financial system in 2008 by flooding money into as many banks as possible resulted in a boon to many foreign firms.

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Thursday - 08/12/2010, 10:44am EDT

How Many 6-Figure Feds Under the TARP?

If you are in the 6-figure salary range you might want to duck and cover. Congress wants to find out what you are doing, where you are doing it and whether you are a long-time fed or somebody hired in the last 18 months. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has the details.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , federal pay , Recovery Act , Joe Barton

Thursday - 03/11/2010, 04:00am EST

Tough Love and Bank Bailouts

The Obama Administration, seemingly, has failed to understand some of the basic principles of capitalism.

Tags: Lurita Doan , Neal Barofsky , Special Inspector General , SIGTARP , bailout , Treasury , Freddie Mac , Fannie Mae , free market capitalism

Monday - 02/01/2010, 01:32pm EST
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