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Snow plus FCC on interoperability equals irony

A weather emergency cancels an FCC forum on public safety broadband communications.

Tags: Technology , FCC , Public Safety Forum , DHS , NIST

Friday - 02/12/2010, 01:16pm EST

How to narrow users of broadband in an emergency

It's "women and children first" off the boat when it's sinking, but how do you clear the next generation of wireless communications in case of emergency? A new program is trying to figure that out.

Tags: Technology , NIST

Sunday - 02/07/2010, 10:49pm EST

Sound off for first responders

The FCC makes way for the future of interoperability.

Tags: Technology , Telecommunications , Air Force , FCC

Friday - 01/29/2010, 04:46pm EST

First-responders try to imagine the unimaginable

How can we communicate in a disaster when we can barely handle routine emergencies?

Tags: Technology , Haiti , Homeland Security

Sunday - 01/24/2010, 11:32pm EST

New tool bridges communications while on wheels

Law enforcement, fire and public works agencies have a new way to hear each other now, in California.

Tags: Technology , terrorism , DHS

Monday - 01/11/2010, 10:43am EST

Communications matter when lives are at stake

Emergency communications can make or break response effort.

Tags: Technology , interoperability , Department of Homeland Security

Tuesday - 12/29/2009, 11:38am EST

Lessons learned from the frontlines of interoperability

Technology is not the reason public safety is lagging in communications functionality, according to one frontline leader.

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Monday - 12/21/2009, 10:34am EST

Virtual USA really changing interoperability

A new information-sharing initiative has been announced to help federal, state, local and tribal first responders communicate better during emergencies.

Tags: Technology , interoperability , White House Open Government Initiative , DHS

Friday - 12/11/2009, 06:27pm EST

Interoperability may take an act of Congress

Public safety officials are asking for room on the airwaves for a dedicated wireless broadband network for first responders.

Tags: Technology , Congress , FCC

Friday - 01/15/2010, 04:55pm EST