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$10 million grant available to protect the grid

DHS selects Waterfall to support CSSP, Symantec finds pet names used frequently as passwords

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Monday - 04/05/2010, 08:30am EDT

Data Center Optimization - Archiving for Optimization

A recent State of the Data Center Report found that storage needs are growing fastest for e-mail, collaboration data and file archiving. With unstructured information consuming a large percentage of an organization's storage, it is important to classify data, including information from messaging, file servers and collaborative systems, onto different tiers of cost-effective storage and into an archive. Archiving is critical to storage-tiering practice allowing you to move less-frequently used information from high-cost disk and archive to lower cost storage while maintaining accessibility. Symantec's archiving solutions automate retention and storage of e-mails, files, instant messages and other unstructured content in accordance with your IT policies. Benefits include reducing your data footprint, improved performance and scalability, greener IT, and increased end-user productivity.

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Tuesday - 07/28/2009, 04:30pm EDT

White House wants network resiliency plan by end of year

New strategy among first cybersecurity efforts being addressed after 60-day review. Hathaway says cyber coordinator could be announced in a matter of weeks.

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Wednesday - 06/17/2009, 07:02am EDT

Keeping Your Network Safe

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Wednesday - 04/15/2009, 07:15pm EDT

Big risk-taking at small agencies

Survey finds bigger cybersecurity lapses at smaller agencies.

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Monday - 04/13/2009, 12:42pm EDT

Conficker Conundrum

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Wednesday - 04/01/2009, 04:24pm EDT

Cyber Security

Live From Maryland CyberSecurity Conference

Watch and Listen On Demand Below

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Tuesday - 01/16/2007, 07:14pm EST

COOP/Disaster Recovery

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Originally Aired November 14th @ 3:05pm

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Friday - 10/20/2006, 11:05am EDT
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