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A healthy dip fit for a Super Bowl party

The key to success when using reduced-fat ingredients is knowing which to use when and, just as importantly, with what to blend them.

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Monday - 01/31/2011, 09:26am EST

For game day, try a chili that plays hard

Try this Super Bowl worthy chili -- one that can stand out on a table crowded with high-flavor guacamoles, blue cheese dips, cheese-laden nachos, salami-jammed grinders and too-hot-for-your-own-good wings.

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Monday - 01/31/2011, 09:23am EST

Eric Ripert offers a classy, but casual Super Bowl

An icon of French cookery offers up some different suggestions for your Super Bowl party.

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Monday - 01/31/2011, 09:34am EST

Prep and walk away: Ribs for an easy party

In this recipe, the ribs get rubbed with a dry seasoning mixture, then slowly roasted until tender. They are finished with an easy glaze, then roasted until sticky, gooey, sweet-hot-and-tangy.

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Monday - 01/31/2011, 09:48am EST

From Eric Ripert: Parm and pistachio snack sticks

Skip the pretzels for this year's Super Bowl party. Instead, bake up these flavorful and cheesy sticks spiked with black pepper, cayenne and toasted pistachios.

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Monday - 01/31/2011, 09:44am EST

Keeping a Super Bowl party bacteria-free

There won't be a ref at your Super Bowl party to call out health fouls on guests, so know how to keep the party bacteria-free in case you need to throw the yellow flag.

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Monday - 01/31/2011, 09:12am EST

Eric Ripert rethinks the common French fry

Who says game day grub can't have a sophisticated side? In this unusual -- and tremendously flavorful -- take on the common French fry, Eric Ripert substitutes thick slices of Portobello mushroom for the potato and serves them with a rich truffled aioli.

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Monday - 01/31/2011, 09:45am EST