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Duqu virus variant emerges

The Duqu virus, widely known as a "twin" to the Stuxnet worm that targeted Iran's nuclear infrastructure, is evolving yet again. Software security firm Symantec said the program has a new variant altered "just evade some security product detections."

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Friday - 04/13/2012, 06:04pm EDT

Stuxnet offshoot attacking networks

This virus is installing itself thorough a vulnerability in handling of TrueType fonts.

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Wednesday - 11/09/2011, 07:05pm EST

Copycat malware not from Stuxnet creators

The Stuxnet worm doesn't have a twin after all. Last month Symantec discovered a malware threat with such strong similarities to Stuxnet they called it the Son of Stuxnet.

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Monday - 10/31/2011, 04:51pm EDT

Stuxnet's twin identified

The virus is called "duqu" because it creates files with the letters "DQ" in the prefix.Cybersecurity experts say the malicious code can collect data, then lie in wait for future attacks.

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Thursday - 10/20/2011, 12:24pm EDT

US: Cyber attacks on utilities, industries rise

U.S. utilities and industries face a rising number of cyber break-ins by attackers using more sophisticated methods, a senior Homeland Security Department official said.

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Thursday - 09/29/2011, 10:39pm EDT

Russia blaming U.S., Israel for Stuxnet

Many cyber experts think Israel was behind the malware, possibly with some help from the U.S. But Rogachyov's comments were the first official statement from Russia blaming the US and Israel.

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Tuesday - 09/27/2011, 05:17pm EDT

Stuxnet worm targets Iran nuclear plant

The Stuxnet worm struck again. This time the target was an Iranian nuclear power plant, fueling rumors that Stuxnet was designed to attack Iranian nuclear facilities

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Monday - 09/27/2010, 04:33pm EDT

Lawmakers mull new cyber powers for FERC

The House is preparing to once again take up legislation that would grant the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission new authority to order private electrical grid operators to take emergency action in the event of a cyber attack or a new vulnerability. The power would extend to bulk electric systems and parts of the grid that supply electricity to Defense infrastructure that is critical to national security.

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Wednesday - 06/01/2011, 07:07am EDT

DHS worries of Stuxnet copycat

Next Gov reports that hackers might try to re-engineer the malicious worm.

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Friday - 05/27/2011, 12:46pm EDT

Slow cyber progress puts critical infrastructure at risk

Even in a year in which the Stuxnet attack targeted critical infrastructure systems and attacks on grid operators rose dramatically, operators of critical infrastructure around the world took few steps to increase their cyber defenses, a new report found.

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Wednesday - 04/20/2011, 08:30am EDT
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