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Decision on Afghanistan

Deciding what to do in Afghanistan will take awhile longer. Reuters is reporting the White House has put off consideration of sending more troops to Afghanistan while it assesses whether its war strategy can still work after a flawed election that cast doubt on the Kabul government's legitimacy, officials said on Tuesday. The Pentagon had initially expected the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, Army General Stanley McChrystal, to make a request for more soldiers soon after delivering his confidential assessment on the war.

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Wednesday - 09/23/2009, 11:45am EDT

Countdown: OMB vets Burman, Shea on Orszag departure

This week's Federal News Countdown, featuring the top three most important Federal news stories of the week.

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Friday - 06/25/2010, 07:27pm EDT

Petraeus headed for confirmation

Gen. David Petraeus is a little bit closer to becoming the next commander of the Afghanistan war. The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted in favor of the appointment. It now goes to the full Senate. He will replace Gen. Stanley McChrystal. He was fired last week for making disparaging remarks in an interview about administration officials. Petraeus could be confirmed by the weekend.

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Thursday - 07/01/2010, 01:33pm EDT

McChrystal meets with his bosses

Many people are still wondering what General Stanley McChrystal was thinking. "He really in meeting with him didn't try to explain it, he just acknowledged that he had made a terrible decision," said Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. The Rolling Stone article that will leave a black mark on his career made Admiral Mike Mullen sick when he saw it. "He is a friend, an extraordinary officer. He made a severe mistake and I think the actions that were taken were appropriate."

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Thursday - 07/01/2010, 01:23pm EDT

Lack of corroboration clears McChrystal

Jamie McIntyre, WTOP reporter and former senior Pentagon correspondent with CNN

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Monday - 04/18/2011, 07:35pm EDT

McChrystal to oversee military family initiative

Nearly a year after President Barack Obama fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal as his top commander in Afghanistan, the White House has asked him to head a new advisory board to support military families. But not the gay ones.

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Wednesday - 04/13/2011, 10:40am EDT

General McChrystal lands new gig

The Pentagon is worried that China might have the upper hand soon in South East Asia

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Tuesday - 08/17/2010, 08:40am EDT

McChrystal out, Petraeus in in Afghanistan

Gen. Stanley McChrystal loses his job after remarks to freelance reporter that reflected poorly on his civilian superiors.

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Wednesday - 06/23/2010, 06:42pm EDT

Resources: Gen. Stanley McChrystal's comments

A variety of publications report on the meeting between the General and the President.

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Wednesday - 06/23/2010, 11:16am EDT
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