1:05 am, May 30, 2015

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Julia Ziegler, Managing Editor,

The federal government has caught the Silicon Valley bug. But in looking west to solve its problems, has it overlooked another valuable resource right in its own backyard? That's the subject of several stories now online at, and a conference Tom Temin and Jonathan Aberman recently moderated. Website managing editor Julia Ziegler joined the Federal Drive to talk more about some of the takeaways from that panel.

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Friday - 05/29/2015, 10:50am EDT

Government overlooks diamonds in its own back yard

Commentary: Before turning to Silicon Valley for all the answers, government agencies should look to local talent in the D.C. area, says Federal Drive host Tom Temin.

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Wednesday - 05/27/2015, 04:27am EDT

Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director, Amplifier Ventures

The Defense Department wants to build tighter connections with Silicon Valley, as part of a new technology offset strategy. In fact, Defense Secretary Ash Carter unveiled the plan in Silicon Valley, at Stanford University. Homeland Security announces also plans to establish a Silicon Valley satellite office. The move west isn't a bad idea, but local venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman argues, the government might be overlooking innovation talent right in its own back yard. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain why.

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Friday - 05/15/2015, 09:02am EDT

Keith Trippie, Chief Executive Officer, The Trippie Group

Uncle Sam a venture capitalist? Imagine a board room with honchos from government, finance and Silicon Valley. A board of directors for the federal government, solving its toughest challenges with the latest concepts and cutting edge technology. Keith Trippie is CEO of the Trippie Group and a former Homeland Security executive. He says if the government follows a Silicon Valley venture capital model the taxpayer would win. He joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to explain why.

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Monday - 07/28/2014, 12:45pm EDT

Silicon Valley on the Potomac

Keith Trippie, a former DHS IT executive, offers a unique approach to funding technology programs that borrows partly from the intelligence community and partly the start-up culture on the West coast.

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Monday - 07/21/2014, 05:42pm EDT

Patent offices coming to Silicon Valley, 3 cities

The federal government is opening regional patent offices in Silicon Valley and three other areas as part of efforts to reduce a backlog and hire experts not willing to move to the Washington area.

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Monday - 07/02/2012, 01:58pm EDT

Researchers: Cell phone security algorithm could be easily hacked

Have 80 percent of the world's cell phones become less secure in recent years?

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Tuesday - 12/29/2009, 04:10pm EST