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Mattress shopping

If there's a new mattress in your future, here's some information that may help in your shopping.

Tags: Call For Action , mattress , Consumer Reports , Consumer Reports Health

Tuesday - 03/29/2011, 12:54pm EDT

A happy ending

A company promised to consolidate Charles' debts and make payments directly to all creditors by issuing a monthly draft from his bank account.

Tags: Call For Action , debt consolidation

Monday - 03/28/2011, 12:32pm EDT

Scamming the sleepy

A ringing cell phone late at night may cause concern that a family member is in trouble. It may also cause a lot of other grief.

Tags: Call For Action , scam , bank

Sunday - 03/27/2011, 04:37pm EDT

Of Consuming Interest - 3/27/11

Joe Hemsley, a financial planner with Ameriprise Financial, discusses the impact of the federal deficit, world uprisings, and a slow housing market on investment strategies.

Tags: Of Consuming Interest , Call For Action , Ameriprise Financial Services , Joe Hemsley , Ameriprise

Sunday - 03/27/2011, 04:30pm EDT

In the nick of time

I want to brag -- it isn't every day you stop someone from making a serious mistake!

Tags: Call For Action , Costa Rica , scam

Thursday - 03/24/2011, 01:01pm EDT

Herbal side effects

You're probably aware of the importance of informing your doctor if you use any over-the-counter medicines. But what about herbal supplements?

Tags: Call For Action , ginkgo , herbal remedies , aspirin , ibuprofen , Vitamin E

Wednesday - 03/23/2011, 01:36pm EDT

The power of community associations, pt. 3

You think it's a good time to buy a home. But if it's governed by a community association, you should talk with other residents to get a sense of what living in the area would be like.

Tags: Call For Action , community associations

Tuesday - 03/22/2011, 12:29pm EDT

The power of community associations, pt. 2

What should you look for when buying a home controlled by a community association?

Tags: Call For Action , community associations

Monday - 03/21/2011, 07:27pm EDT

The power of community associations, pt. 1

If you want to take advantage of the market and buy a condominium, cooperative or townhouse, take a look at the community association before signing the purchase agreement.

Tags: Call For Action , community associations , condominiums , cooperatives , townhouse

Sunday - 03/20/2011, 11:13pm EDT

Of Consuming Interest - 3/20/11

Ann Harkins of the National Crime Prevention Council discusses sexting, which involves sending sexually explicit messages or nude photos via electronic devices -- a practice that is becoming increasingly common among tweens and teens.

Tags: Of Consuming Interest , Call For Action , Ann Harkins , National Crime Prevention Council , sexting

Sunday - 03/20/2011, 04:30pm EDT
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