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Is the moon really for sale?

Do you want to buy a piece of the moon? Well, do we have a deal for you!

Tags: Call For Action , National Geographic , International Institute of Space Law , Dennis Hope , Lunar Embassy Corporation

Thursday - 06/09/2011, 01:59pm EDT

A charity that isn't very charitable

A WTOP listener wanted to know about an organization that called her house five or six times a day asking for donations to help veterans.

Tags: Call For Action , WTOP , Foundation for American Veterans

Wednesday - 06/08/2011, 12:35pm EDT

Cosmetic improvement products to skip

The search to improve our appearance can cost us a lot of money for products that don't work.

Tags: Call For Action , ShopSmart , ShopSmart magazine , Neckline Slimmer

Tuesday - 06/07/2011, 12:37pm EDT

Do anti-wrinkle serums work?

ShopSmart magazine did a test of nine anti-aging serums on 80 men and women.

Tags: Call For Action , DermaSilk , Neutrogena

Monday - 06/06/2011, 12:29pm EDT

Is it really a dream job?

If you received a job offer from a charity, would you assume it was legitimate?

Tags: Call For Action

Monday - 06/06/2011, 12:19pm EDT

Look-alike ads

At first glance it looked like an invoice for a "Help Wanted" ad.

Tags: Call For Action , Help Wanted , fake ads

Thursday - 06/02/2011, 12:37pm EDT

Unethical debt collection

The letter said Karen had an account that was never paid, and the sender offered her a new credit card to use in paying off the debt.

Tags: Call For Action , Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Wednesday - 06/01/2011, 06:54pm EDT

A new sweepstakes scam

Sweepstakes scams usually involve notification that you've just won a foreign sweepstakes complete with a fake cashier's check or money order. Now there's a new twist: The scam is using checks from real companies.

Tags: Call For Action , sweepstakes

Tuesday - 05/31/2011, 02:25pm EDT

What food labels really mean

Do the terms "less sodium" or "no trans fats" mean the food is good for you?

Tags: Call For Action , ShopSmart , trans fats

Monday - 05/30/2011, 06:27pm EDT

Summer slamming

It's known as "summer slamming," and you may be targeted.

Tags: Call For Action , Consumer Reports , summer slamming , alarm systems

Monday - 05/30/2011, 06:18pm EDT
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