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Maryland wants Uncle Sam's Cyber Command

The Pentagon's new Cyber Command could end up in Maryland, according to the Maryland Gazette. The Obama administration is finalizing plans for a new Pentagon command to coordinate the security of military computer networks and to develop new offensive cyber-weapons.

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Thursday - 12/10/2009, 09:03am EST

Post-Southers: What's next for TSA?

The White House said Wednesday that the president had accepted Southers' withdrawal with great sadness and continued to believe he would have made an excellent TSA administrator. Work at TSA, meanwhile, continues.

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Wednesday - 01/20/2010, 11:30am EST

DHS takes new cybersecurity tack

Secretary Napolitano reorganizes how the agency oversees IT security. It's now more of a ‘command and control structure.'

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Tuesday - 08/04/2009, 07:45pm EDT

Pentagon shooter to be studied

John Patrick Bedell, 35 of California was killed after he opened fire on guards at the Pentagon last week. Fred Burton, a former diplomatic security says Federal Agents are going to be busy for a while. "You're going have agents from the Diplomatic Security Service, the State Department, and the Secret Service and the agents assigned to protect the Secretary of Defense looking at the mindset of this kind of shooter and trying to evaluate who could be the next Bedell out there that could come after their protectees." Bedell was reportedly upset about the 1991 suicide of a Marine Corps. Colonel.

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Monday - 03/08/2010, 11:12am EST

How NOT to use Twitter at work

The blunder earlier this month from a Secret Service Twitter feed has raised cautionary flags for other feds.

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Tuesday - 05/31/2011, 08:14am EDT

Hacker claims government authorization

A hacker convicted of stealing credit and debit card numbers says the Secret Service authorized his criminal activity.

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Monday - 04/11/2011, 09:30am EDT

Audio released of Reagan assassination attempt

Thirty years after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, the Secret Service released audio from that day.

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Friday - 03/11/2011, 02:17pm EST

Post-Mubarak, Egypt's state security docs posted online

Egyptians now have a new government, and new-found access to state security documents.

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Tuesday - 03/08/2011, 03:30pm EST

Verizon: Most data breaches avoidable

A new report shows stunning results.

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Friday - 07/30/2010, 04:10pm EDT
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