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Ukrainian airspace violated

Russian fighter jets flew into Ukraine several times last week. It's not clear what the intent was, but the aircraft may have been testing Ukrainian radar. The West has threatened additional sanctions against Russia if it continues its aggressive behavior in Ukraine.

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Monday - 04/28/2014, 08:32am EDT

Military buildup in Eastern Ukraine continues

The Pentagon sharply criticized Russia's latest announcement on Thursday, the Associated Press reports. DoD is concerned that Russia is, "starting military drills near the border with Ukraine and called on Moscow to take steps to lower, not escalate, tensions. Moscow has said the drills were a response to Ukrainian operations against pro-Russian separatists and NATO exercises in eastern Europe."

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Friday - 04/25/2014, 08:52am EDT

CIA clarifies Brennan's Ukraine visit

With all the misinformation flying around about what's happening in Ukraine, the CIA is disconnecting Director John Brennan's weekend visit to Kiev from the crackdown in eastern Ukraine. "The claim that Director Brennan encouraged Ukrainian authorities to conduct tactical operations inside Ukraine is completely false. Like other senior U.S. officials, Director Brennan strongly believes that a diplomatic solution is the only way to resolve the crisis between Russia and Ukraine," said a CIA spokesperson in a statement.

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Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 08:41am EDT

US jets going to Romania

The United States will deploy F-16 fighter jets to Romania this month as part of planned joint exercises in the wake of rising tensions in neighboring Ukraine after Russia's annexation of Crimea. President Barack Obama has said NATO needs to boost its presence in eastern European countries that feel vulnerable to Russia. The small Baltic states are particularly nervous about a more assertive Russia.

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Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 02:00am EDT

U.S. sales to Russia poised for boost under WTO

Senate Bill 3285 would grant Russia permanent normal trade status, requiring the U.S. to provide Russia with tariff and trade treatment that's no less beneficial than what the U.S. applies to any other country with the same status.

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Thursday - 07/26/2012, 12:08pm EDT

Cyber weaknesses could deter US from cyber war

America's critical computer networks are so vulnerable to attack, it should act as a deterrent to war, U.S. cybersecurity expert, Richard Clarke said, according to the Associated Press.

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Tuesday - 11/08/2011, 08:24am EST

US intel officials accuse Russia, China in cyber attacks motivated by greed

U.S. intelligence officials have accused China and Russia of systematically stealing data for their own national economic gain. It is the most forceful and detailed public airing of U.S. allegations after years of private complaints, the Associated Press reports.

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Friday - 11/04/2011, 01:53pm EDT

The Russian shortcut.

An agreement between the U.S. and Russia will permit American troops and weapons to fly over Russian territory on the way to Afghanistan. The pact, signed by President Obama during his recent Moscow trip, will save the Pentagon $133 million annually. The President told a Moscow news conference that the agreement is one small step toward improved relations with America's Russian allies.

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Friday - 07/10/2009, 09:50am EDT

French Raise Questions with Controversial Sale to Russia

France has agreed to sell a sophisticated new weapon to Russia. As a result Pentagon officials are worried the Mistral class warship will improve Russia's ability to threaten Georgia and other Eastern European allies. A Pentagon spokesman says U.S. allies in Eastern Europe are nervous about it. As Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visits officials in France, a question looms. Why did the French do that considering they are a member of NATO and Russia is not.

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Tuesday - 02/09/2010, 03:22pm EST

Russia Warns the World

Russia is sending a message to the world. Steer clear of Georgia. Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reports Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is warning other countries against military cooperation with Georgia. Lavrov said Russia hopes that the world realized what giving weapons to Georgia means and he quoted the brief conflict almost a year ago in S. Ossettia. He went on to say yesterday many have already drawn conclusions and have stopped their cooperation with Georgia.

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Wednesday - 07/22/2009, 05:57pm EDT
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