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Army sets up servicewide cyber office

The organization is made up of people from CIOs office, intelligence command and operational command. Task force looking for enterprisewide IT security systems.

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Friday - 05/15/2009, 06:33pm EDT

Army makes case to keep FCS funding

Termination fees could impact budget of future modernization efforts. New strategy to detail incremental approach; Boeing still to do some work.

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Thursday - 07/02/2009, 06:25am EDT

Air Force Authority Restored

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Wednesday restored the Air Force's authority to select the winner of a $35 billion contract for aerial refueling tankers between Boeing Co. and Northrop Grumman Corp. Gates last summer stripped the service's ability to award a contract in the wake of a Government Accountability Office report that found the Air Force failed to evaluate both proposals on the same merits.

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Thursday - 09/17/2009, 10:25am EDT

French Raise Questions with Controversial Sale to Russia

France has agreed to sell a sophisticated new weapon to Russia. As a result Pentagon officials are worried the Mistral class warship will improve Russia's ability to threaten Georgia and other Eastern European allies. A Pentagon spokesman says U.S. allies in Eastern Europe are nervous about it. As Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visits officials in France, a question looms. Why did the French do that considering they are a member of NATO and Russia is not.

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Tuesday - 02/09/2010, 03:22pm EST

Gates says U.S. will fight Afghan Corruption

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the U.S. is going to do its part to reduce corruption in Afghanistan by examining its own contracts and projects, even as it is demanding the same from the Afghan government. "The place for us to start is to deal with corruption that may be associated with contracts we're letting or work that we're having done and development projects that we are undertaking in partnership with others including with the Afghans," said Gates. He made the comments while speaking to reporters at the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia.

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Monday - 11/23/2009, 10:56am EST

Cyber Command

In about 18 months a new military cyber command should be up and running. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates signed a memo yesterday instructing the U.S. Strategic Command to start the planning process. The command will coordinate the Pentagon's efforts to defend its networks and conduct cyber warfare. The new command is expected to be based at be located at Fort Meade. The decision to launch the unit verifies the growing concern about the nation's cyber vulnerabilities.

Tags: technology , Pentagon , cyber , Fort Meade

Tuesday - 06/23/2009, 07:23pm EDT

Don't ask...Don't Tell

"You shouldn't use your power to in any way influence a discussion or evaluation of the issue," Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions warned Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chair of the Joint Chiefs Micheal Mullen during a hearing to tread lightly during the evaluation phase of DADT. Mullens responded, "For me this is not about command influence, this is about leadership." Gates said, "we can't possibly evaluate the impact on unit cohesion, on morale, on retention, on recruiting unless we encourage people to tell us exactly what they think."

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Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 10:38am EST

Message for North Korea

"I hope they don't make any stupid mistakes." Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said at Fort Drum in New York. He said the U.S. is watching Pyongyang very closely as the North Koreans develop longer-range missiles and nuclear weapons. He said tensions throughout the international community have been heightened in recent weeks as North Korea has test-fired several missiles and a nuclear weapon. The tests have come in defiance of global efforts to get Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program.

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Friday - 07/17/2009, 06:45pm EDT

Military retirees to pay higher health premiums

Military retirees will pay slightly more for their health care starting Saturday, and more cost increases are on the way.

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Thursday - 09/29/2011, 06:15pm EDT
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