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Proposed Pentagon cuts make strange bedfellows

Five days after proposing controversial cuts in Pentagon spending, much of official Washington still is reeling. Defense Secretary Gates called for $100 billion in spending reductions over the next five years. Some of the proposals to achieve those savings are finding mixed reaction among officials on Capitol Hill and in industry.

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Friday - 08/13/2010, 06:26am EDT

DoD planning to close USJFCM

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is recommending the elimination of the U.S. Joint Forces Command. That command is one of DoD's ten combatant commands and recently believed to play a key role in transforming the U.S. military's capabilities. Headquartered in Norfolk, Va., the command oversees a force of more than 1.16 million men and women. The command is comprised of active and reserve personnel from each branch of the armed forces, civil servants and contract employees. The commander oversees the command's four major mission areas: Joint Concept Development and Experimentation, Joint Training, Joint Capabilities Development, and Joint Force Provider.

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Tuesday - 08/10/2010, 06:17pm EDT

Gates announces huge Pentagon job, budget cuts

SECDEF Gates announced Monday his plan to move $100 billion in spending from back-office functions to war fighter needs.

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Tuesday - 08/10/2010, 07:39pm EDT

Defense cutbacks could have huge impact in Northern Va.

The cuts could mean a loss of $6 billion to $7 billion to the local economy, says Stephen Fuller, director for the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University in Fairfax.

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Tuesday - 08/10/2010, 09:37am EDT

DoD to eliminate CIO, BTA offices

Secretary Gates' decision to cut three major offices will result in "a substantial number" of employees and contractors having to find new jobs. The CIO's functions will be split between DISA and ATL. DoD is moving major acquisition oversight to the chief management officer's office.

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Tuesday - 08/10/2010, 07:03am EDT

DoD belt tightening may begin with JFCOM

Pentagon officials also suggest to cut 10 percent of the contractor workforce by 2011. The proposal to eliminate JFCOM comes as the Defense Business Board outlines several areas where DoD can reduce its expenses.

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Monday - 08/09/2010, 03:24pm EDT

Gates digs in on budget cuts

DoD CIO nomination hearing postponed

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Tuesday - 08/03/2010, 08:40am EDT

How WikiLeaks scandal affects information sharing at DoD

In our DoD Report, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says information sharing at DoD is too important to set aside even in the wake of the WikiLeaks scandal. We also take a look at the profits of various defense contractors.

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Monday - 08/02/2010, 04:01pm EDT

Gates: information sharing protocal, storage, needs improving

SecDef Gates answers questions in the aftermath of WikiLeaks

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Monday - 08/02/2010, 03:56pm EDT

Wikileaks "might already have blood on their hands"

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the U.S. to protect any individuals who might be at risk after the Wikileaks War Dairies leaks. He also said the military was reviewing its rules for safeguarding classified information. He called it a "mountain of raw data" that didn't shed new light on U.S. policy but he and experts say it could help the Taliban Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen said that Wikileaks "might already have on their hands the blood of a young soldier or that of an Afghan family."

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Friday - 07/30/2010, 12:10pm EDT
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