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Making a healthy case for condiments

Go ahead, pile those toppings on your summer hot dogs: Condiments can have hidden health benefits.

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Thursday - 06/16/2011, 01:57pm EDT

Some fatty foods can be good for you

WTOP's Kristi King reports

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Wednesday - 05/11/2011, 05:47pm EDT

Household items can help keep you healthy

Duct tape and Listerine are among the products that can help out your health. WTOP's Kristi King reports.

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Tuesday - 05/03/2011, 02:28pm EDT

Five signs you might be sleep-deprived

How do you know when you're not getting enough sleep? WTOP's Kristi King can tell you.

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Thursday - 03/10/2011, 04:15pm EST

Foods that can give you a weight-loss workout

Which foods can give your metabolism a boost? WTOP's Kristi King reports.

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Tuesday - 03/08/2011, 04:00pm EST

Bizarre home cures that really work

When you break a leg, obviously you need a doctor. But some, less critical afflictions can easily be treated with things around the house.

Tags: prevention , home remedies , remedy , duct tape , medical information , medical research , medicine , hospital

Tuesday - 01/04/2011, 03:09pm EST