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Reevaluating Cash For Clunkers: Will It Be Worth It?

Is a one-time, one-and-a-half month, uptick in car sales for some car dealers worth the full, economic costs of the Cash for Clunkers program?

Tags: Lurita Doan , Cash for Clunkers , cars , Ray Lahood , NHTSA , Department of Transportation

Monday - 08/24/2009, 01:50pm EDT

Awaiting the future of NSPS

While awaiting the Defense Business Board's final report on the National Security Personnel System, a former top fed in the Office of Personnel Management speaks out on the challenges ahead for President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates as they map out how to implement a better "pay-for-performance" program for the Pentagon. One that will win the support of federal labor unions which vehemently oppose the existing Rumsfeld-era NSPS.

Tags: mngt , P&B , Defense Secretary Robert Gates , OPM Director John Berry , OPM , John Salamone , FMP Partners , CHCO , Chief Human Capital Officers Council , Max Cacas

Monday - 08/17/2009, 07:02am EDT

Military spouses could benefit from new OPM rules

A reality for military families is that when transfer orders come in, family members have very short notice to uproot their lives, and move. For military spouses, that usually means leaving a good job. But now, the Office of Personnel Management has announced new hiring policies that will give military spouses a little more flexibility in finding a new job when those orders are issued.

Tags: mngt , Pay & Benefits , OPM , John Berry , Michael Maloney , Pentagon , Les Melnyck , President Bush , Max Cacas

Thursday - 08/13/2009, 06:34am EDT

The reconstruction of NSPS

A Pentagon advisory group suggests revamping, but not scrapping, the National Security Personnel System. A task force member tells FederalNewsRadio there is something worth saving in the program.

Tags: P&B , NSPS , Defense Business Board , Rudy deLeon , Robert Tobias , Defense Department , Pentagon , Robert Gates ,

Friday - 07/17/2009, 06:58am EDT

Jim Moran and PETA

Tags: Jim Moran , Michael J. Wootten , GSA , PETA ,

Monday - 06/22/2009, 11:18am EDT

Administration shows renewed sense of cyber-urgency

President Obama has made a top-to-bottom review of cybersecurity throughout the government a priority, and is planning on naming a cybersecurity czar. Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is finalizing a plan to stand up a new military cybercommand. But what will these two new jobs really do for protecting the nation's cyber infrastructure?

Tags: technology , cybersecurity , CyberCommand , CSIS , William Lynn III , Department of Defense , Max Cacas , ISC2 , Lynn McNulty , cybersecurity czar

Monday - 06/22/2009, 06:53am EDT

Tech leaders to transform government

Two presidential appointments designed to streamline government.

Tags: newsstand , technology , transition , White House , Jeffrey Zients , Office of Management and Budget , Aneesh Chopra , Gov. Tim Kaine

Monday - 04/20/2009, 07:37am EDT
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