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House panel probes dual-roles of National Archives

When you hear "National Archives" what do you immediately think of? A place to find government records? A museum to view historic artifacts like the original U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence? There are some who believe that these two missions of the National Archives work at cross-purposes to each other. A House subcommittee examined the conflict yesterday.

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Thursday - 12/17/2009, 06:58am EST

A spending plan that tries to cover all the bases

President Obama's newly released federal Budget for fiscal year 2011 has a number of "tall orders": spurring job creation, curbing fiscal spending, and reducing the federal deficit, all at the same time.

Tags: mngt , budget , Peter Orszag , OMB , Max Cacas

Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 06:53am EST

OMB's Sunstein presents new way to look at regulation

President Obama rocked the Federal Government community last year when he announced he was naming former Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein to be his administrator for the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget. Now, Sunstein offers a peek into the Obama White House's approach to writing federal government regulations and policy.

Tags: management , Cass Sunstein , OIRA , OMB , Peter Orzag , DoT , Ray Lahood , American University's Washington College of Law , Max Cacas

Wednesday - 02/17/2010, 07:14am EST

USCG's Adm. Thad Allen begins long farewell

Sometime around the end of May, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen will hand over the reins of the service to his successor. During his four-year tour, Allen has helped oversee the Coast Guard at a time of transition. He talked about it in his final "State of the Coast Guard" speech at the National Press Club.

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Tuesday - 02/16/2010, 06:37am EST

Blue Dog Dems hound President on budget priorities

Even as the President prepares to transmit his proposed FY 2011 budget to Capitol Hill, a group of increasingly influential centrist Democrat lawmakers in the House is releasing its own version of the budget. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D.-Texas believes that the President needs to focus even more on jobs creation and is pressing for "performance based budgeting" in which agencies are held to even stricter accounting for their spending.

Tags: management , budget , Rep. Henry Cuellar , Jeffrey Zients , OMB , Max Cacas

Monday - 02/01/2010, 06:56am EST

Agencies going green and saving green

Energy conservation and saving taxpayer dollars are the goals of an Executive order to agencies signed by the President last October. But what are the special challenges of complying with that order for Executive Branch agencies? A Senate committee spent yesterday afternoon getting a progress report.

Tags: management , energy conservation , Executive Order 13514 , Senate Financial Management, Government Informatio , Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs , Tom Carper , Nancy Sutley , White House Council on Environmental Quality , Richard Kidd , Department of Energy , Dorothy Robyn , Department of Defense , Sam Pulcrano , USPS , Max Cacas

Thursday - 01/28/2010, 06:34am EST

Federal labor unions push back against senator's TSA 'hold'

Amid the controversy over an apparent attempted bombing of a jetliner over Detroit on Christmas Day, one Senator's efforts to block the nomination of the official responsible for the Transportation Security Administration is also getting headlines. Sen. Jim DeMint (R.-S.C.) wants a floor debate and roll call vote on the nomination of Erroll Southers to run the TSA. Federal worker labor unions charge that his political tactics are also meant to thwart President Obama's intention to allow TSA airport screeners to select unions and have collective bargaining rights

Tags: management , pay and benefits , Transportation Security Administration , Erroll Southers , U.S. Senate , Harry Reid , Jim DeMint , NTEU , Colleen Kelley , AFGE , Sharon Pinnock , Max Cacas

Wednesday - 12/30/2009, 07:09am EST

President faces New Year's Eve deadline on classified documents

Even as he enjoys the warm sun and beaches of his native Hawaii, President Obama faces a New Year's Eve deadline this week regarding the fate of more than 400 million pages of documents that have been classified since the Cold War era. The president is expected to sign an executive order creating a National Declassification Center within the National Archives.

Tags: management , National Archive , Information Security Oversight Office , Max Cacas

Tuesday - 12/29/2009, 06:53am EST

Thumbs up on cybersecurity coordinator, OGIS, open government efforts

One of Washington's many "good government" groups weighs in on President Obama's recent appointment of a cybersecurity coordinator within the White House. In addition, the Center for Democracy and Technology's Ari Schwartz looks back at the Office of Government Information Services, and the administration's other efforts at openness and transparency in government.

Tags: Technology , management , Center for Democracy and Technology , Ari Schwartz , Open Government Initiative , Office of Government Information Services , Max Cacas

Monday - 12/28/2009, 06:38am EST

President touts billions in contracting savings

A new report released Monday by the Office of Management and Budget claims agencies have identified $19 billion in contractor cost savings, with the government well on the way to meeting the President's mandate to cut contractor costs by $40 billion annually by fiscal 2011.

Tags: management , Office of Management and Budget , Jeffrey Zients , Max Cacas

Tuesday - 12/22/2009, 06:52am EST
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