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Iran Halts EFPs

Iran is no longer actively supplying Iraqi militias with a particularly lethal kind of roadside bomb, a decision that suggests a strategic shift by the Iranian leadership, U.S. and Iraqi authorities said Thursday.

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Monday - 12/15/2008, 11:26am EST

More Troops for Afghanistan

More U.S. troops are going to Afghanistan by next summer, and the Pentagon is going to commit a sustained force there for several more years...

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Friday - 12/12/2008, 11:33am EST

Fingar Leaving

Tom Fingar is leaving the ODNI team. He's head of the National Intelligence Council.

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Wednesday - 12/10/2008, 06:49am EST


The U.S. military conducted a successful test of its system built to knock out long-range missiles that could be fired by North Korea or Iran, the Pentagon said Friday.

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Monday - 12/08/2008, 06:35am EST

Mumbai Update

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Friday - 12/05/2008, 07:12am EST

More Mumbai Details

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Thursday - 12/04/2008, 07:27am EST

Suicide Bombers Surrender

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Tuesday - 12/02/2008, 06:40am EST


The Air Force fleet of F-22 Raptors, needs more than $8 billion dollars of upgrades to be effective.

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Thursday - 11/27/2008, 07:28am EST

Kim Jong il

A South Korean news paper says that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is back on his feet and is believed to be working normally after quickly regaining his health.

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Wednesday - 11/26/2008, 07:27am EST

Boarding Passes

Airplane boarding passes can be easily forged. But DHS is hoping your telephone can stop it.

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Tuesday - 11/25/2008, 07:26am EST
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