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Missile Plan Approved

Romania's defense department has approved a U.S. plan to deploy interceptor missiles there as part of a missile shield to protect Europe. A State Department spokesman said the facilities were due to become operational by 2015 and were aimed at defending against "current and emerging ballistic missile threats from Iran."The announcement is part of the revamped U.S. missile defense approach to take the place of a scuttled plan for a radar site and interceptor rockets in the Czech Republic and Poland.

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Friday - 02/05/2010, 11:08am EST

DARPA is Moving

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, aka DARPA, is moving. The agency that brought us the Internet broke ground on new place in Arlington County, just a few miles from the Pentagon. The state of Virginia approved a $10 million state grant to keep them from leaving. DARPA is generally credited with building the precursor to the Internet 40 years ago. DARPA is currently developing new warfare concepts and technologies that help soldiers train, operate and communicate in urban settings while reducing casualties.

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Thursday - 10/29/2009, 11:25am EDT

Secure Flight Update

You may notice some changes when you fly after August 15th. "What were expecting is the airlines to ask for Secure flight passenger data." What that means according to TSA Secure Flight Director Paul Lehy is you'll be asked for "full name date of birth, gender and if there is a regress address provide that as well". This is being done to make sure known or suspected terrorists can't get a boarding pass. The programs includes a behind-the-scenes watch list matching process that vets passengers against government watch lists before a boarding pass is ever issued.

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Thursday - 08/13/2009, 11:46am EDT

New three-star general

The Air Force is assigning a new three-star general to oversee it's efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gen. Gilmary Hostage III is moving from Shaw Air Force base in South Carolina. The Air Force's top commander told Congress last month a change was needed to increase the service's focus on the air wars and intensifying operations in Afghanistan. The plan is to intensify the use of unmanned drones to aid in the hunt for militants.

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Wednesday - 08/05/2009, 11:24am EDT

More Cooperation Needed

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano visited several European countries recently to work on cooperative agreements. Along with her on the trip was Rand Beers, DHS Under-Secretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate. He said there is a "considerable way to go" in terms of developing data sharing agreements for counter terrorism purposes with the European Union. He said improving advanced airline passenger information exchange is important and such agreements with other EU countries could help in that regard.

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Thursday - 07/16/2009, 06:21pm EDT

Common Strategy

Boeing's defense business announced this week the launch of a new Unmanned Airborne Systems division, which will group all the company's drone projects to better compete for military contracts. The formation of the new division reflects the growing interest by various air forces in unmanned aerial vehicles for everything from high-altitude surveillance and coastal patrols to tracking natural "The new division establishes a single team focused on implementing a common strategy for unmanned systems and services," said Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems (IDS).

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Tuesday - 06/16/2009, 01:26pm EDT

Pentagon shooter to be studied

John Patrick Bedell, 35 of California was killed after he opened fire on guards at the Pentagon last week. Fred Burton, a former diplomatic security says Federal Agents are going to be busy for a while. "You're going have agents from the Diplomatic Security Service, the State Department, and the Secret Service and the agents assigned to protect the Secretary of Defense looking at the mindset of this kind of shooter and trying to evaluate who could be the next Bedell out there that could come after their protectees." Bedell was reportedly upset about the 1991 suicide of a Marine Corps. Colonel.

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Monday - 03/08/2010, 11:12am EST

Women Cleared to Serve on Subs

The Pentagon has moved to lift a decades-old policy that prohibits women from serving aboard Navy submarines. The Associate Press reports, it's part of a gradual reconsideration of women's roles in a military fighting two wars whose front lines can be anywhere. At issue is the end of a policy that kept women from serving aboard the last type of ship off-limits to them. The thinking was that the close quarters aboard subs would make coed service difficult to manage. Defense Secretary Robert Gates notified Congress in a letter signed Friday that the Navy intends to repeal the ban on women sailors on subs. Congress has 30 days to weigh in.

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Wednesday - 02/24/2010, 12:00pm EST

Holder decided on Christmas Day terror suspect

Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday he made the decision to charge the Christmas Day terror suspect in civilian court rather than the military system, with no objection from all the other relevant departments of the government. According to the Associated Press, the attorney general wrote in a letter to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell that the FBI told its partners in the intelligence community on Christmas Day and again the next day that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab would be charged criminally.

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Wednesday - 02/03/2010, 07:16pm EST

Retraction Demanded

CIA Director Leon Panetta is being asked retract comments that he made during an interview with the New Yorker Magazine. Talking about former Vice President Dick Cheney 's views on National Security. Panetta said "When you read behind it, it's almost as if he's wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point." Senator John MCain went on the the morning TV shows to say Panneta's comments were "totally uncalled for. Cheney's criticism came on the same day that President Obama made a major national security speech.

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Tuesday - 06/16/2009, 01:24pm EDT
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