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Freeman Steps Back

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Wednesday - 03/11/2009, 07:10pm EDT

Military Health CareTwo Years Later

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Wednesday - 03/04/2009, 08:07pm EST

Space Junk

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Tuesday - 03/03/2009, 07:28pm EST

Expanding National Security

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Monday - 03/02/2009, 07:27pm EST

Pentagon Budget

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Friday - 02/27/2009, 08:03pm EST

The Stiletto

A brand new breed of Navy vessels are coming on line. They're a part of Project Wolfpack, which is designed to test new concepts of shallow-water and riverine warfare...

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Thursday - 02/26/2009, 07:43pm EST

North Korean Missiles

South Korea's Defense Ministry says North Korea recently deployed a new type of medium-range ballistic missile capable of reaching Australia and the U.S. territory of Guam.

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Wednesday - 02/25/2009, 07:42pm EST

Army Relief

An Associated Press investigation into the Army Emergency Relief fund, shows the charity has been stockpiling tens of millions of dollars meant to help put returning fighters back on their feet.

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Tuesday - 02/24/2009, 07:41pm EST

Afghan Solution

President Barack Obama has committed 17,000 more troops to go to Afghanistan, but it may take more that, says former CIA Osama bin Laden Unit Chief Mike Scheuer.

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Thursday - 02/19/2009, 03:56pm EST

Drawdown in Europe

The U.S. Army is again reconsidering its plan for drawing down troops in Europe. The Associated Press reports Gen. Carter Ham, the head of Army troops in Europe, says that because U.S. troops in Europe have been used so much in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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Wednesday - 02/18/2009, 03:53pm EST
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