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Off and running

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Monday - 04/27/2009, 07:01pm EDT

The Nuclear Future

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Monday - 04/27/2009, 10:57am EDT

Caution About Afghanistan

The Associated Press] says Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday told Marines being deployed to Afghanistan that a U.S. victory there would look similar to progress in Iraq, but he cautioned that more civilians with skills beyond the battlefield will be needed, The Obama administration has called up 17,000 more troops to supplement the 38,000 American troops already fighting a resurgence of the Taliban. It said last month it would send several hundred citizens, from agronomists to economists, to work on reconstruction and development issues as part of the military's counterinsurgency campaign.

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Friday - 04/24/2009, 11:47am EDT

Iraq: Not a Done Deal

A hiccup in Iraq. "We're supposed to have all combat forces out of the cities by June," says U.S. military spokesman General David Perkins. But the before that can happen, Al Qaida has to be dealt with. Perkins says "We have said before, for al Qaida to win they have to take Baghdad, but in order to win they have to hold on to Mosul." They are still holding on in Mosul. Perkins says to bring the conflict to an end, Iraq's neighbors, particularly Syria, are going to have to stop allowing foreign fighters to come into Iraq.

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Thursday - 04/23/2009, 12:35pm EDT

A Seat at the Table

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Wednesday - 04/08/2009, 07:35pm EDT

The Pentagon Budget

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Friday - 04/03/2009, 07:09pm EDT
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