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Pull Out Not Guaranteed

The Associated Press is reporting the top U.S. general in Iraq is hedging his bets about whether U.S. combat troops will pull out of the volatile city of Mosul on schedule next month. Gen. Raymond Odierno says U.S. and Iraqi forces are in the midst of a neighborhood-by-neighborhood sweep of Mosul ahead of a June 30 deadline to hand over security for the city to Iraqi forces.

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Sunday - 05/10/2009, 11:59pm EDT

Buyers wanted

Help wanted: Twenty thousand acquisition specialists. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has told the House Armed Services Committee that's how many procurement personnel the Pentagon will need over the next five years if reforms for purchasing weapons and defense systems will work. Lynn admits that over the last several years, the numbers of defense contracts are up, while contracting staff is down. He blames too much outsourcing for the problem. I'm Max Cacas

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Thursday - 05/07/2009, 09:56pm EDT

Army Worldwide Public Affairs Symposium

Hundreds of Army public affairs officers from around the world are in the area this week. They're attending the Army Worldwide Public Affairs Symposium. The goal is to learn how to better promote the Army. And many of the attendees we're doing just that --promoting their home-bases, while interacting with the media . "We train all of the army intelligence solider airmen, sailors, marines and coast guardsmen in a variety of intelligence specialties" says Tanya Linton from Ft. Huachuca Arizona. That training includes the joint weapons intelligence course --"which is basically battlefield forensics. We can look at the site of an explosion and track it back to the bomb makers," adds Linton.

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Tuesday - 05/05/2009, 06:31pm EDT

Chinese Build-up

The chairman of the joint chiefs says China's build of air, sea and miltiary power, which is fueled by it's strong economy looks to be aimed at the United States. Admiral Mike Mullen said China has the right to meet it's security needs but he's concerned the build up might require the U.S. to work with it's Pacific allies to respond. Mullen told the Navy League China's developing maritime resources that appear to be targeted at the U.S.

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Monday - 05/04/2009, 07:38pm EDT

Charges Dismissed

Prosecutors have dismissed all charges against two former pro-Israel lobbyists accused of disclosing U.S. defense secrets, ending a four-year legal saga. During that time former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other Bush administration supporters had to take the witness stand. At the heart of Keith Weissman's and Steven Rosen's case was the question of whether secret negotiations and discussions between government officials, lobbyists and reporters are legal.

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Monday - 05/04/2009, 12:23pm EDT

Afghan Corruption

United States must do more to help Afghanistan battle the corruption undermining critical programs to rebuild the war-torn country, a top government watchdog The Associated Press reports. According to the AP, Arnold Fields, the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, said Afghan officials have made repeated pleas for assistance in ensuring the billions of dollars in international aid they're receiving are spent properly. Yet graft and fraud remain significant problems even as more U.S. tax dollars flow into the country.

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Thursday - 04/30/2009, 07:27pm EDT

Pandemic Imminent

Now that the World Health Organization has confirmed the entire globe is on the brink of a H1/N1 pandemic. The military will play a role in dealing with it. A Pentagon spokesperson indicates the Health and Human Services department and Centers for Disease Control are spearheading the effort right now and have not necessarily asked the military for help. But if and when the request comes, a variety of options may be on the table. Including systems used to track infectious diseases and possible logistic help for medicine delivery.

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Wednesday - 04/29/2009, 07:53pm EDT

Honoring the green

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Monday - 04/27/2009, 07:03pm EDT
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