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Abuse Allegations Refuted

The Pentagon is challenging a report that alleges new military prison photos show Iraqi prisoner abuse including sexual abuse. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said Britain's images were "completely miss characterized by Britain's Daily Telegraph." The newspaper reported one of the photos apparently shows an American soldier raping a female prisoner. Other photos reportedly showed acts of abuse using objects including a club and wire.

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Friday - 05/29/2009, 11:25am EDT

Combining the Security Councils

President Barack Obama announced Tuesday he is combining White House staffs dealing with international and homeland security, predicting the change will make Americans safer. The Associated Press is reporting, Obama also is creating a new office intended to communicate more effectively with other countries about U.S. security policy. The Homeland Security Council, created after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, will be kept as a venue for discussing issues concerning domestic security, including terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, natural disasters and pandemic influenza. Its staff will be integrated into the National Security Council.

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Tuesday - 05/26/2009, 08:41pm EDT


We're learning more about the plot to blow up a synagogue in New York and shoot down military planes in the same area. The men allegedly began their plot in 2008 and were discovered by authorities when they recruited an undercover informant operating out of a mosque into their group. The informant allowed law enforcement agencies to monitor the group's activities, and gave the men inert plastic explosives and an inoperable FIM-92 "Stinger" missile two weeks ago.

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Friday - 05/22/2009, 01:31pm EDT

Reviewing NSPS -

The Pentagon is teaming with the Office of Personnel Management for a review of the National Security Personnel System. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn and OPM's new director, John Berry, will ask the Defense Review Board to set up a task force to look at NSPS. DoD has held off on converting military organizations to the new pay system pending the review. NSPS currently covers more than 200 thousand Pentagon staffers. I'm Max Cacas.

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Monday - 05/18/2009, 01:55pm EDT

Detainee Photos

Some predicted it would happen and it did. President Barack Obama says the detainee abuse photos he wants to prevent from being released are "not really sensational", but at the same time they could put U.S. troops at risk. So he's directed White House lawyers to fight the court-ordered release of the photos. He says he won't stand for abuse of prisoners. Just recently, White House said it would release the photos, citing little chance of defeating an ACLU challenge to have them released.

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Wednesday - 05/13/2009, 07:13pm EDT

Updating VA's health records system

May 13, 2009

Stephen W. Warren, VA's acting CIO (and acting assistant secretary for information & technology) and Gail Graham, VA's deputy chief officer for health information management, talk about updating VA's health records system, and integrating it with the Pentagon's system.

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Wednesday - 05/13/2009, 05:56pm EDT

Change in Afghanistan

Dissatisfaction with progress in Afghanistan has cost General David McKiernan his job there. SECDEF Robert Gates said "new leadership" is required. He said the situation requires "fresh thinking and fresh eyes." So he's assigned Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal to replace him. McChrystal is a former commander of special operations forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Right now, he's director of the U.S. military Joint Staff.

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Monday - 05/11/2009, 07:50pm EDT

Pull Out Not Guaranteed

The Associated Press is reporting the top U.S. general in Iraq is hedging his bets about whether U.S. combat troops will pull out of the volatile city of Mosul on schedule next month. Gen. Raymond Odierno says U.S. and Iraqi forces are in the midst of a neighborhood-by-neighborhood sweep of Mosul ahead of a June 30 deadline to hand over security for the city to Iraqi forces.

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Sunday - 05/10/2009, 11:59pm EDT

Buyers wanted

Help wanted: Twenty thousand acquisition specialists. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has told the House Armed Services Committee that's how many procurement personnel the Pentagon will need over the next five years if reforms for purchasing weapons and defense systems will work. Lynn admits that over the last several years, the numbers of defense contracts are up, while contracting staff is down. He blames too much outsourcing for the problem. I'm Max Cacas

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Thursday - 05/07/2009, 09:56pm EDT
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