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Navy chaplain discusses role in the military

Host Derrick T. Dortch talks to Navy Captain Mark Steiner, Chaplain of the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, about his work providing for the spiritual welfare of men and women in the military.
November 26, 2010 (Encore presentation December 3, 2010)

Tags: Mark Steiner , Navy , DoD , chaplain , Fed Access , Derrick Dortch , pay and benefits

Friday - 11/26/2010, 02:01am EST

Today We Are All Turkeys

This is one of those very special warm and fuzzy holidays so today Senior Correspondent Mike Causey gets about as warm and fuzzy as you would like. And don't worry, it's okay if the kids see this column.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey , Thanksgiving , holiday

Thursday - 11/25/2010, 04:00am EST

Market Timing Made Easy

Market timing - deciding when the stock market is low and knowing when it's high and time to sell - is not exactly rocket science. Or is it? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey tackles the pros and cons today.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey , Allan Roth , market timing , investment advice

Wednesday - 11/24/2010, 04:00am EST

Test Your Federal IQ: Mensa or Moron?

After a huge Thanksgiving Day dinner there is nothing like a quiz to liven a family gathering, so Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has devised a test-your-federal-IQ-test that should delight young and old alike.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey

Monday - 11/22/2010, 04:00am EST

Fresh perspectives from young feds

With recent statistics reporting high attrition rates for those new to public service, what can agencies do to support and keep young feds? What do millennials want out of their federal career? Young Government Leaders Vice-President Dave Uejoi and Press Secretary JR Wycinsky and Steve Ressler, president and founder of GovLoop, are the guests this week.
November 19, 2010

Tags: pay and benefits , Fed Talk , GovLoop , Young Government Leaders , Steve Ressler , Tony Vergnetti , Dave Uejoi , JR Wycinsky , social media

Friday - 11/19/2010, 11:55am EST

Inside Government - November 19th and November 26th, 2010

John Gage
AFGE National President
J. David Cox
AFGE National Secretary-Treasurer
Jane Nygaard
AFGE 8th District National Vice President
Sharon Pinnock
AFGE Membership & Organization Director

Tags: pay and benefits , Inside Government , AFGE , John Gage , J. David Cox , Jane Nygaard , Sharon Pinnock

Friday - 11/19/2010, 11:40am EST

Just in time: year-end investment tips for feds

The countdown to 2011 has begun, says certified financial planner Arthur Stein.

Tags: Federal Drive , pay and benefits , Arthur Stein

Friday - 11/19/2010, 10:31am EST

Downsizing Your Health Care Tab

There are lots of ways you can reduce your medical tab next year, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, including checking out some FEHBP plans you may never have heard of.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey , FEHBP , CD HD , open season

Friday - 11/19/2010, 04:00am EST

Planning To Retire? Have a Cash Stash!

December and January are good months to retire. You can get paid for maximum unused annual leave at a higher rate. But, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, be advised that you will need a stash of cash to tide you over until you start getting a full annuity check.

Tags: pay and benefits , retirement , OPM , Mike Causey , annuity payments , best date to retire

Thursday - 11/18/2010, 04:00am EST

HR University slated to open in January

The Chief Human Capital Officers Council is overseeing several initiatives to improve the training of federal human resources professionals. The university will bring together existing courses under one portal, and eventually will expand to meet current and emerging needs. OPM to announce agency progress in fixing federal hiring today.

Tags: pay and benefits , management , Kathryn Medina , John Berry , OPM , CHCO Council , hiring reform , HR University , career roadmap , HR certification , Jason Miller

Wednesday - 11/17/2010, 07:13am EST
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