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Jon Etherton, Principal, Etherton and Associates

Better Buying Power 3.0 is coming soon from the Office of the Secretary of Defense. But sustained, measurable defense acquisition reform will require more stakeholders than just OSD. Jon Etherton, principal of Etherton and Associates, senior fellow of the National Defense Industrial Association and a longtime veteran of the defense acquisition field, ttestified at this week's Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about defense acquisition reform. He told In Depth with Francis Rose his main message for the committee was why reform can work this time around.

Tags: Jon Etherton , Etherton and Associates , DoD , In Depth

Friday - 05/02/2014, 06:12pm EDT

Maureen Sullivan, Office of the Secretary of Defense

The Defense Department names nine winners for the 2014 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards. They choose the winners from 33 nominations. The winners represent nine different categories and six subject areas. Maureen Sullivan, director of environment, safety and occupational health at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, discusses a few of the highlights of the winners with In Depth with Francis Rose.

Tags: Maureen Sullivan , DoD , Defense Environmental Awards , In Depth , Green government

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 04:51pm EDT

Identity Management/HSPD-12

Watch or listen to this program on demand below
Originally Aired November 2nd @ 3:05pm

Tags: Technology , identity management , HSPD-12 , Judy Spencer , GSA , Mike Butler , carol bales , OMB , barbara symonds , IRS , venkatapatni puvvada , Unisys , Gordon Hanah , Bearing Point , Jim Flyzik , Tom Trezza

Thursday - 10/12/2006, 11:15am EDT

Identity Management-"Progress & Best Practices"

October 27th Program discusses the progress report on Identity Management efforts in the Federal Government, best practices, challenges, lessons learned, and visions for the future.

Tags: Technology , Federal Executive Forum , identity , Bob Mocny , DHS , Stephen Morris , FBI , Thomas Dee , Michael Donovan , EDS , Bob Dix , Juniper , SafeNet

Thursday - 10/08/2009, 07:15pm EDT

Identity Management - "Progress & Best Practices"

October 19th at 12PM

Program will discuss the progress report on the Identity Management efforts in the Federal Government, Progress & Best Practices, challenges to overcome, interoperability with programs and the vision for the future for Identity Management.

Tags: Technology , Federal Executive Forum , Trezza Media Group , Jim Flyzik , The Flyzik Group , Mike Butler , Judy Spencer , Ashley Stevenson , Peter Engel Alan Carswell , UMUC , SafeNet , HP , GSA , Steven Cooper , FAA

Tuesday - 10/12/2010, 04:37pm EDT

Secure Cloud Computing- "Progress & Best Practices"

May 26th

Program will discuss Key Initiatives & Progress Made in Cloud Computing, NASA Ames Nebula and DISA RACE Case Studies, GSA Cloud Computing Storefront Update, Barriers or Contraints to still overcome in getting to a Secure Cloud Environment, and Future Vision.

Tags: Technology , Federal Executive Forum , Russell Dietz , McAfee , SafeNet , Ed White , Curt Aubley , Lockheed Martin , Kevin Foster , Jim Flyzik , Chirs Kemp , NASA , David McClure , cloud computing

Monday - 05/10/2010, 07:40pm EDT

Who watches the watchman?

David Fisher
Business Transformation Agency
May 5th, 2009

Tags: Technology , contracting , acquisition , David Fisher , Business Transformation Agency , NDAA , enterprise management

Thursday - 04/30/2009, 11:51am EDT

CyberSecurity - 3 Years In Review

Homeland & Defense Best Practices
Listen January 28th @ 2pm

Tags: Navy , DoD , DHS , Cybersecurity , tech , Robert Carey , Microsoft , Jim Flyzik , Tom Trezza , Juniper , DISA , Robert Lentz , Lockheed Martin , Richard Hale , Adm. Mike Brown , Lee Holcomb , Bob Dix , Bill Billings

Wednesday - 01/07/2009, 05:40pm EST
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