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DHS: New cyber threat center is not strictly about cyber

The forthcoming Cyber Threat Intelligence Center would not only serve as a centralized hub for cyber intelligence, but also would fuse cyber information with other intelligence sources and serve as a central point for declassifying secret data about cyber threats.

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Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 04:20am EST

Sharon Burke, Senior Fellow, New America Foundation

If oil prices stay at their current level, the Defense Department stands to save about $2 billion this year. Defense News reports the Pentagon has already saved about $500 million. Sharon Burke is senior advisor of the New America Foundation, and former assistant secretary of defense for operational energy plans and programs. On In Depth with Francis Rose, she explained how today's oil prices will affect future defense policy.

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Monday - 01/12/2015, 04:13pm EST

Federal News Countdown: A wonk in the Pentagon, ISIS threat

Sharon Burke, senior adviser of the International Security Program at the New America Foundation, and Steve Bucci, director of the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy at the Heritage Foundation, count down the week's top federal stories with Francis Rose.

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Friday - 12/05/2014, 04:32pm EST

Sharon Burke, New America Foundation

The Pentagon says it's making a $9 billion investment over the next five years to minimize how much diesel and jet fuel it needs for combat operations. But DoD's consumption is still expected to rise over the next half decade because of new energy hungry technologies like the F-35 and Littoral Combat Ship. Sharon Burke, senior fellow for the International Security Program at New America Foundation, is also former assistant secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs. In a recent article for Foreign Affairs, she argues DoD's energy appetite isn't just a budget concern. She said on In Depth with Jared Serbu it's increasingly going to challenge the military's ability to perform its missions.

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Thursday - 06/19/2014, 03:33pm EDT

Sascha Meinrath, New America Foundation

Security breaches in government and the private sector show that no network is completely safe. Now with funding from the State Department and USAID, the New America Foundation is promoting the idea of what it calls mesh networks small, home-built communications systems that don't rely on the Internet. Sascha Meinrath is the founder of the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation. He joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive and said the networks can support things like phone service, file sharing, and instant messaging.

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Monday - 05/19/2014, 09:42am EDT

Sharon Burke, International Security Program, New America Foundation

The Defense Department is the largest consumer of oil in the United States, according to the New America Foundation. Now the Foundation is hiring one of the senior leaders in charge of making that oil consumption more efficient. Sharon Burke, senior adviser for the International Security Program at the New America Foundation and former assistant secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs, talks to In Depth with Francis Rose.

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Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 05:53pm EDT

Alan Davidson, Open Technology Institute, New America Foundation

The Office of Personnel Management is rolling out the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. If the numbers from last year hold this year, federal job satisfaction will be as bad as it's ever been. And other research indicates young people are apprehensive at best about serving in government. Alan Davidson, vice president and director of technology policy and strategy for the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, moderated a panel this week that looked at the federal technology talent deficit. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose closing the technology talent deficit at your agency may take some new thinking.

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Thursday - 05/01/2014, 06:42pm EDT

Some advocate for banking services as USPS savior

The Postal Service should once again offer government-backed savings and accept deposits like it did in 1911, an expert said. Those services have proved to be effective money- makers in foreign postal systems, generating up to 50 percent of their revenue.

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Wednesday - 06/27/2012, 06:40am EDT

Dr. Rajiv Shah projected to move from Agriculture to USAID

The current USDA Undersecretary is the White House choice to take over as head of the development agency.

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Tuesday - 12/01/2009, 07:49pm EST
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