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Epidemic of cyber theft hits government and business

Network services company Neustar warns of new -- and very dangerous -- threat to your agency.

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Tuesday - 11/10/2009, 01:59pm EST

Conficker confounds federal computers too

When it comes to Conficker, what are the lessons learned and how can the public and private sectors work together to defeat it? We ask Neustar's Rod Joffe.

Tags: Federal Drive , Technology , security , Conficker , best practices , Rodney Joffe

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 10:38am EST

Data leaks happen - then what?

If agencies can't eliminate data loss, surely there has to be something that can be done to minimize it? We ask Neustar's Rodney Joffe.

Tags: Federal Drive , Technology , security , data loss , best practices , Rodney Joffe , leaks , Suzanne Kubota

Monday - 01/17/2011, 09:40am EST

Cyber experts still puzzled over Stuxnet worm

Rodney Joffe, the senior vice president and chief technology officer at Neustar, joined Tom Temin on Federal Security Spotlight to explain why cyber experts are still puzzled over the Stuxnet worm.

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Thursday - 10/21/2010, 05:41pm EDT

Stuxnet Decoded: The real story of the smartest malware ever

Rodney Joffe, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Neustar, is one of the most knowledgeable people about the structure of Stuxnet. He joins host Tom Temin for this week's Federal Security Spotlight.
October 21, 2010

Tags: Stuxnet , malware , computer virus , Rodney Joffe , Tom Temin , Federal Security Spotlight , Technology

Wednesday - 10/20/2010, 05:56pm EDT

Public-private partnership catches creator of botnet

Learn more in today's cybersecurity update.

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Tuesday - 08/03/2010, 04:51pm EDT

Routing Tables

Internet routing tables are becoming a bigger concern for federal cybersecurity experts, as in recent weeks the protocol for internet routers appears to have been hacked. Traffic from some leading U.S. businesses and government agencies has been re-routed through China. A chief technologist with Neustar says part of the problem is that the Border Gateway Protocol the routers use doesn't require contractual relationships between routers, leading to a structure based on unconfirmed agreements.

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Monday - 05/10/2010, 01:45pm EDT