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Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 11:16am EDT

The Cybersecurity Imperative

All agencies are fighting cyber-attacks. The FBI Director of Cyber Security believes there are two groups of organizations: those whose systems have been attacked and those who do not know they have been attacked. In the federal space, the velocity and variety of attacks has dramatically increased. With Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), the time it can take to comprise a system ranges from hours to days, yet the time it takes for its discovery averages 6 months. The cyber security solution has shifted from the perimeter (firewall) or how to stop the attacks to how to deal with the attacks after they occur. The emphasis is now on the controls and minimizing what the attacker is doing once he gets in. The cost of the attacks is down time and data loss. With a 200% to 300% increase in attacks on agency's systems, it is imperative the federal government implements a holistic solution including hardware, software, training and compliance.

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Tuesday - 07/16/2013, 11:21am EDT

Catalysts for Government's Big Data Revolution

What are the infrastructure underpinnings of big data and big databases. Users of big data have been concentrating on the tools to mine the information in big data. In this conversation, we will discuss what it takes to house, maintain and serve up big data. Such data stores are characterized by a mix of relational/structured data and non-structured files such as video, images, PDFs, and office documents. A number of new solutions are emerging - different types of storage, different approaches of optimizing the data center to handle big data.

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Wednesday - 04/09/2014, 01:49pm EDT

Emerging technologies alter the way agencies, industry do business

The federal market is in flux. New companies are popping up, and established contractors, big and small, are altering the way they do business to take advantage of emerging technologies and the way that technology is delivered. As part of Federal News Radio's special report, A New Era in Technology, we examine the sea change that will force federal agencies and contractors to think differently as they learn how to master these new technologies together.

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Tuesday - 11/19/2013, 01:00pm EST

Cyber Solutions for 2013 and Beyond: Stopping Attacks and Navigating a Changing Landscape

Federal agency leaders aren't the only people interested in agency cyber challenges any more. Now cyber breaches make headlines. So preventing attacks, figuring out who's attacking you, and building defenses for new threats is more urgent than ever. Thought leaders from government and industry come together to talk about their success in protecting Federal information and networks - and how they'll defend against future attacks.

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Tuesday - 06/11/2013, 11:45am EDT

Path to FDCCI Compliance

Agencies hope to consolidate 1200 data centers by the end of 2015. Consolidating data centers is more than moving hardware. It's an opportunity to modernize, reduce space requirements, improve performance, and cut energy consumption. The Path to FDCCI Compliance panel discusses technical, financial and operational challenges/successes with executives from NOAA, USDA, ThunderCat Technology and NetApp!

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Thursday - 01/17/2013, 03:49pm EST
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