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Army readiness problems will persist through 2020

Army's top uniformed official said the Ryan-Murray budget agreement is a partial remedy to the difficulties the Army has had in training and equipping its troops. But undoing the damage of sequestration will take at least another six years.

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Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 04:11am EST

The past and future of healthcare interoperability

Former HHS Secretary Dr. Louis Sullivan will discuss the advances that have been made in healthcare interoperability with host John Gilroy.
November 26, 2013

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Tuesday - 11/26/2013, 09:47pm EST

EPA head: environmental protection is good for business

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is pushing back against those who claim that protecting the environment is bad for business. Administrator Lisa Jackson is in a tug of war with members of Congress who want to block her agency from regulating greenhouse gases.

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Tuesday - 03/09/2010, 06:37am EST

President to order pay freeze

In an effort to get a handle on the ballooning cost of government, President Obama is expected to use his first State of the Union address to announce, among other things, freezes in pay for some White House officials, as well as a government-wide spending freeze. But one of the President's top budget experts says don't look for the freeze to affect all federal agencies equally.

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Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 08:06am EST

USPS' Potter urges 'public dialogue' on future of Postal Service

Today, the U.S. Postal Service is expected to release its final list of post offices and other postal facilities that it plans to close across the country. Its all part of an effort by the USPS to close an estimated 5 billion dollar budget shortfall forecast for this year. Postmaster General John Potter addressed the subject at the National Press Club on Thursday.

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Friday - 10/09/2009, 06:15am EDT

2010 Census to get a cold start in late January

Although Census Day, April 1st, is almost five months away, planning is in the final stages for the start of the 2010 Census. The constitutionally-mandated decennial count of the population is slated to begin officially late next month, according to Census Bureau officials holding their second briefing at the National Press Club on Monday.

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Tuesday - 12/15/2009, 06:40am EST

Chu: "Sputnik moment" for clean energy research

Energy Secretary said China's growing innovation should spur US to ramp up investment in clean energy, despite a shift in Washington on climate change.

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Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 08:02pm EST