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NIST outlines criteria for Apple to enter gov market

NIST's Randall Easter outlines what Apple would have to do in order to make its products available for government jobs.

Tags: Apple , iPad , contracting , Randall Easter , cryptographic module validation program , technology , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 01/12/2011, 04:00pm EST

Final Five named in Secure Hash competition

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is launching a new phase in a competition to secure government documents.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , Secure Hash Algorithm , SHA-3

Tuesday - 01/11/2011, 09:30am EST

Congress gives NIST a clear set of priorities

The America Competes Reauthorization Act authorizes the agency's programs and sets a path toward the future. President Obama signed the bill into law Tuesday. Several other science and technology agencies receive marching orders from lawmakers.

Tags: technology , management , Patrick Gallagher , John Holdren , OSTP , Energy , NSF , America Competes Act , challenges , cybersecurity , cloud computing , Jason Miller

Thursday - 01/06/2011, 07:16am EST

New law changes NIST marching orders

Patrick Gallagher, the director of NIST, told Federal News Radio's Jason Miller about how the provisions in the law will change the way NIST meets its mission.

Tags: Peter Gallagher , Jason Miller , Dorobek Insider , technology

Wednesday - 01/05/2011, 03:22pm EST

NIST to speed up hiring for critical positions

Changes to the The National Institute of Standards and Technology's hiring protocol will update its 13-year-old Alternative Personnel Management System. The new rules will let NIST have direct-hire authority to expedite hiring for critical functions.

Tags: management , hiring , OPM , Meg Beasley

Wednesday - 01/05/2011, 02:26pm EST

NIST calls for new ways to manage IT security risks

National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines are out. NIST's Rob Ross explains the new standards.

Tags: Ron Ross , FISMA , Cybersecurity Update , technology , Dorobek Insider

Friday - 12/17/2010, 02:38pm EST

NIST unveils new approach to risk management

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has a new way of managing risks.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , technology , management , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 12/14/2010, 03:53pm EST

Cryptographers chosen for NIST contest

A competition to find a replacement for one of the gold-standard computer security algorithms used in almost all secure, online transactions just heated up.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , SHA-1 , technology

Tuesday - 12/14/2010, 09:30am EST

NIST, DHS partner on cybersecurity

The National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Homeland Security Department's Science and Technology directorate are teaming up with the private sector to improve the cybersecurity of financial services.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , DHS , Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council for

Friday - 12/10/2010, 08:30am EST

NIST, DHS team with finance sector for cybersecurity

NIST and DHS are partnering with the private sector on cybersecurity.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , technology , DHS , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 12/07/2010, 01:22pm EST
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