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NIST releases revised cybersecurity requirements

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released the first draft of special publication 800-53 revision 4 yesterday.

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Wednesday - 02/29/2012, 07:30am EST

NIST issues new WiFi security guidelines

The National Institute of Standards and Technology says there are six steps agencies should take. NIST issues new guidelines for securing wireless local area networks, or WiFi.

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Monday - 02/27/2012, 07:34am EST

NIST helps eliminate human error in fingerprint analysis

Melissa Taylor, who works in the Law Enforcement Standards Office at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, worked with the Justice Department on recommendations for reducing human error in fingerprint analysis.

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Friday - 02/24/2012, 11:33am EST

NIST launches Cybersecurity Center

NIST's 2012 appropriations provided $10 million to establish the center near NIST's Gaithersburg, Md., campus.

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Wednesday - 02/22/2012, 07:29am EST

Government needs more risk management across cyber supply chain, report says

The University of Maryland has published a report, in collaboration with NIST, on how the government and industry are addressing the cyber supply chain challenge.

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Wednesday - 02/15/2012, 10:33am EST

NIST revises computer security incident guide

New draft guidance is giving agencies some help in responding to the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

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Thursday - 02/09/2012, 08:54am EST

NIST offering grants to get rid of passwords

The password isn't dead yet, but "we think it needs to be shot," said Jeremy Grant, NIST's senior advisor for identity management, in an interview with The Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

Tags: Jeremy Grant , Cybersecurity Update , technology , grant , Federal Drive

Monday - 02/06/2012, 09:29am EST

NIST taking on big data problem

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is sponsoring an upcoming conference to bring together industry and agencies to figure out ways to improve how they use unstructured data.

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Friday - 02/03/2012, 02:37pm EST

NIST to fund pilots to improve online transactions

The agency will fund five-to-eight projects between $1.25 million and $2 million for up to two years. The pilot programs will cover NSTIC's four principles to make identity management secure, interoperable, privacy-enhancing and cost effective.

Tags: technology , Jeremy Grant , identity management , NSTIC , grant funding , cybersecurity , Jason Miller

Thursday - 02/02/2012, 04:06pm EST

DISA using cloud to further cyber defenses

The Defense Information Systems Agency created a Defense-wide directory of email addresses in support of their enterprise email system. But the real value in the listing of every military and civilian employee, contractor and retiree email address may be in securing information in a new way through the use of access based identity management. NIST is testing how to best use secure identity cards in the cloud.

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Thursday - 01/26/2012, 05:21am EST
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