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Russian troops still on Ukraine border

The Pentagon says Russia is not withdrawing its troops from the Ukraine border, despite Moscow's claim that the order to pull out has been given. Rear Adm. John Kirby says small numbers of Russian troops have gone back and forth to forward operating bases near the border, but the U.S. has seen no movement of Russian troops back to their home bases. NATO says Russia has 40,000 troops along the border.

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Tuesday - 05/20/2014, 05:38pm EDT

Military buildup in Eastern Ukraine continues

The Pentagon sharply criticized Russia's latest announcement on Thursday, the Associated Press reports. DoD is concerned that Russia is, "starting military drills near the border with Ukraine and called on Moscow to take steps to lower, not escalate, tensions. Moscow has said the drills were a response to Ukrainian operations against pro-Russian separatists and NATO exercises in eastern Europe."

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Friday - 04/25/2014, 08:52am EDT

Report: Officer removed after harassment claims

The commanding officer of a Florida-based warship was removed from his post during an overseas deployment after several female crew members alleged that he sexually harassed women aboard ship, according to a Navy report.

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Monday - 08/20/2012, 09:27pm EDT

Chinese suspected of seeking military secrets via Facebook

Chinese cyber-spies are being accused of setting up fake Facebook accounts to steal military secrets from the West.

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Wednesday - 03/14/2012, 08:36am EDT

NATO lays out plan to build cyber defenses

The Smarter Alliance Initiative found holes in its cyber defenses, and says that international cooperation is the best way to fix them.

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Tuesday - 02/28/2012, 03:42pm EST

Afghanistan coalition network paves way for future contingency operations

Defense Department and NATO officials say the creation of an interoperable, multinational network for operations in Afghanistan has turned out to be a success story, and changed the way the fight is conducted. The Afghan Mission Network was designed to let members of the International Security and Assistance Force collaborate and exchange information without major reconfigurations to their own national networks. DoD and NATO say that network is now being used as a test bed for future contingency operations.

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Tuesday - 12/20/2011, 11:38am EST

NATO solicits bids to expand cybersecurity abilities

Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman are among the defense contractors lining up for a shot at the $42 million contract.

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Monday - 12/19/2011, 07:41am EST

Terrorists zero in on small scale East Coast attacks

Locations in Washington, New York and Boston may have been under surveillance by terror organizations for months -- and terrorists may try to launch numerous small scale attacks in the coming months, U.S. intelligence sources say.

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Thursday - 05/20/2010, 06:00am EDT
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