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Pay Freeze & Retirement

Will the proposed federal pay freeze hamper the hunt for the best and brightest and clog the promotion pipeline in your office. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it could very well happen.

Tags: pay and benefits , pay freeze , pay debate , retirement benefits , high 3

Wednesday - 12/01/2010, 04:00am EST

The Two Minute FEHBP Drill

Are you too busy to shop for health insurance? So busy you can afford to make a $2,000 mistake by paying for something you don't need? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey offers a two-minute shopping guide.

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Monday - 11/29/2010, 04:00am EST

Federal Pay Raise: The Chosen Frozen

Federal workers aren't the only people who will feel the impact of the president's proposed two-year pay freeze. It could also impact federal unions, government contractors and even some people who work in foreign embassies based in Washington.

Tags: pay and benefits , pay freeze , pay debate , federal report , contractors

Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 02:01am EST

Down the Road: Pay Freeze and Job Cuts and Furloughs

What does the sea change election mean for federal workers? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says possibilities include a diet-pay raise, possible furloughs with White House backing and a new effort to get rid of poor performers.

Tags: pay and benefits , pay raise , furlough , job freeze , pay freeze , Bill Bransford

Friday - 11/26/2010, 04:00am EST

Today We Are All Turkeys

This is one of those very special warm and fuzzy holidays so today Senior Correspondent Mike Causey gets about as warm and fuzzy as you would like. And don't worry, it's okay if the kids see this column.

Tags: pay and benefits , Thanksgiving , holiday

Thursday - 11/25/2010, 04:00am EST

Market Timing Made Easy

Market timing - deciding when the stock market is low and knowing when it's high and time to sell - is not exactly rocket science. Or is it? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey tackles the pros and cons today.

Tags: pay and benefits , Allan Roth , market timing , investment advice

Wednesday - 11/24/2010, 04:00am EST

Test Your Federal IQ: Mensa or Moron?

After a huge Thanksgiving Day dinner there is nothing like a quiz to liven a family gathering, so Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has devised a test-your-federal-IQ-test that should delight young and old alike.

Tags: pay and benefits ,

Monday - 11/22/2010, 04:00am EST

Downsizing Your Health Care Tab

There are lots of ways you can reduce your medical tab next year, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, including checking out some FEHBP plans you may never have heard of.

Tags: pay and benefits , FEHBP , CD HD , Open Season

Friday - 11/19/2010, 04:00am EST

Planning To Retire? Have a Cash Stash!

December and January are good months to retire. You can get paid for maximum unused annual leave at a higher rate. But, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, be advised that you will need a stash of cash to tide you over until you start getting a full annuity check.

Tags: pay and benefits , retirement , OPM , annuity payments , best date to retire

Thursday - 11/18/2010, 04:00am EST

Single Family FEHBP Best Buys

If you are looking only at premiums during the current health insurance hunting season you are missing a big part of the story, according to Senior Correspondent Mike Causey. Today we look at overall best buys for federal workers and retirees.

Tags: pay and benefits , FEHBP , Open Season , premiums

Wednesday - 11/17/2010, 04:00am EST
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