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Lame Ducks Hatch Big Bonus Eggs!

Working on Capitol Hill often means being on call 14 hours day, 6-days a week. And the financial rewards are low unless your boss is defeated for reelection. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explores the lame duck bonus phenomenon.

Tags: pay and benefits , staff bonuses

Thursday - 03/10/2011, 04:00am EST

USPS to reduce workforce by up to 30,000 in 2011

The U.S. Postal Service could reduce its workforce by up to 30,000 employees this year. Up to 7,500 of those positions would be eliminated as part of a redesign that USPS will announce March 25, an agency spokeswoman said.

Tags: Steve Watkins , Your Turn , USPS , management , workforce reductions

Wednesday - 03/09/2011, 12:59pm EST

March Sadness on Capitol Hill

For bureaucrat-bashing members of Congress, March can be the cruelest month. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that's especially so this year with a massive grassroots lobbying effort going on right now on Capitol Hill.

Tags: pay and benefits , COLA , grassroots

Tuesday - 03/08/2011, 04:00am EST

Charlie Sheen & Federal Pension Payments

What do the annuity payments of federal retirees and the troubles facing Charlie Sheen have in common? And what's a Charlie Sheen? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, as per usual, has most of the answers.

Tags: pay & benefits , annuity payments , Charlie Sheen

Monday - 03/07/2011, 04:00am EST

The Millionaires Who Rule Us

Federal workers who want politicians to suffer financially if the government is shutdown are missing a key point: lots of members of Congress are millionaires who don't know where the nearest COSTCO is or what K-Mart stands for. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey talks about the Capitol Hill millionaires club.

Tags: pay and benefits , millionaire club

Friday - 03/04/2011, 04:00am EST

Pay Freeze: Is It Two Years, Or Three?

Does the current federal pay freeze run for two years or three? In a city of math-challenged politicians and journalists, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that mistakes were made. Or not...

Tags: pay and benefits , pay freeze

Thursday - 03/03/2011, 04:00am EST

Causey: What's next after new CR?

WFED's Mike Causey says if there is a shutdown, it will be very different from the partial government shutdowns in 1995 and 1996.

Tags: shutdown , Congress , budget , pay and benefits , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 03/02/2011, 07:14pm EST

Shutdown averted...or not?

This week's show focuses on the continuing possibility of a government shutdown. Guests include Steve Watkins and Sean Reilly from the Federal Times and AFGE's Witold Skwierczynski.
March 2, 2011

Tags: shutdown , budget , AFGE , Federal Times , SSA , Witold Skwierczynski , Steve Watkins , Sean Reilly , Your Turn , pay and benefits , management

Wednesday - 03/02/2011, 11:33am EST

Shutdown Warning: Don't Shoot Self In Foot

If there is a government shutdown some federal workers have a plan to punish the politicians who caused it. Unfortunately some of their tactics are the equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains.

Tags: pay and benefits , shutdown , TSP

Wednesday - 03/02/2011, 04:00am EST

Three Year Federal Pay Freeze? Who Knew?

Did you hear about the 3-year federal pay freeze? Lots of people got the word Saturday and, considering the source was the President, it made them a tad nervous. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says not to worry... much.

Tags: pay and benefits , pay freeze

Tuesday - 03/01/2011, 04:00am EST
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