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Causey analysis: How will the budget affect YOU?

WFED's Mike Causey analyzes the potential impact of the 2012 budget proposal.

Tags: budget , Barack Obama , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 02/15/2011, 03:23pm EST

Nominations for 2nd annual Causey Awards now open

The Causey Awards recognize the exceptional efforts of those distinguished individuals who work in the Human Capital Management field specifically in pay, benefits, human resources and human capital issues in the federal government and in industry. Nominate someone today.

Tags: Causey Awards , management

Monday - 02/14/2011, 02:01am EST

Retirees Short-Checked

Millions of retired federal workers are still in shock over their February annuity checks. Many got $20 to $50 less than they had expected. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a hotline telephone number.

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Monday - 02/14/2011, 04:00am EST

Causey recalls when the Beatles made history

On February 11, 1964 the Beatles performed their first American concert in Washington, D.C. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey was there and shares some memories with us.

Tags: Beatles , Washington D.C. , history

Friday - 02/11/2011, 10:50am EST

Pay, Furloughs, Pensions as Political Poker Chips

Were you ever an unwilling passenger in a high-speed, high-stakes game of chicken? Well, if you work for Uncle Sam, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says you are on board for what could be the ride of your life. Or job.

Tags: pay and benefits , continuing resolution , budget , FY 2010 budget

Friday - 02/11/2011, 04:00am EST

Feds Up The River: Nile or Potomac Style

The government is proposing a 15 percent pay raise for employees...that's the good news...the bad news is that it is not the U.S. government that's come up with this plan. So what's going on? Mike Causey has a roadmap.

Tags: pay freeze , budget , pay and benefits , Congress , federal report , AFGE

Wednesday - 02/09/2011, 03:58am EST

Annuity Reduction: Connecting the Dots

Benefit checks of most federal/postal retirees shrunk this month and Washington is playing the blame game to determine who is responsible. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it'll be the IRS, OPM or the lame duck Congress, almost for sure.

Tags: pay and benefits , Making Work Pay , tax credit

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 04:00am EST

Closing policies outside D.C. explored

The federal government in the Washington area has so far shut down one day because of snow and another time authorized workers to leave two hours early because of a pending snowstorm. What would Chicago do? How about Atlanta? We ask Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

Tags: Federal Drive , pay and benefits , weather closings , Federal Executive Board

Monday - 02/07/2011, 09:31am EST

Fed Snow Rules Vary City By City

When a major snowstorm threatens, does your federal agency release people early, or shutdown altogether? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it mostly depends on where you live and work.

Tags: pay and benefits , OPM , dismissal guidance

Monday - 02/07/2011, 04:00am EST

Federal Commuter Heal Thyself?

If you lived through, or observed, the blizzard of last week, how do you think Washington did? Was Uncle Sam wise to give feds a day off, then an early-release and is it up to Uncle Sam or should federal workers be more proactive? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey hears from feds.

Tags: pay and benefits , telework , OPM , dismissal policy

Friday - 02/04/2011, 04:00am EST
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