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January jumpers: Why some feds are retiring now

When they take the plunge into retirement, about half of all federal and postal workers do it in December or January, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says. So is that a quirk of the calendar, or something else.

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Wednesday - 01/04/2012, 02:00am EST

Survivor: Endangered feds

For most of 2011, it looked as if federal workers were about to be bent, folded, stapled or otherwise mutilated by politicians. After the dust settled, the government is still with us. How come?

Tags: Federal Report , pay and benefits , workforce , Congress

Tuesday - 01/03/2012, 02:00am EST

The Best of Mike Causey 2011

What were the most popular Mike Causey columns from this year? Here they are listed for you!

Tags: Federal Report , pay and benefits , 2011 and Beyond

Monday - 01/02/2012, 02:00am EST

Are feds prepared to shovel it?

When it comes to shoveling it, official Washington is years ahead of anybody else. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says this applies to snow-day policy matters too.

Tags: Federal Report , pay and benefits , management , OPM , snow policy

Friday - 12/30/2011, 02:00am EST

Name your buyout price

Would you take a buyout if the boss offered you one? You might want to decide now because if and when an offer comes, it won't be on the table very long, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

Tags: pay and benefits , benefits , retirement , buyout , Buyout Guide , early retirement , VERA , VSIP

Thursday - 12/29/2011, 02:00am EST

To COLA or not to COLA...

Are you better off financially slogging it to work or sleeping in five days a week? Some people say that all things considered they would be better off as a retiree than as an office serf. So do the math, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

Tags: Federal Report , pay and benefits , COLA , benefits , retirement

Wednesday - 12/28/2011, 02:00am EST

2011: A wash for feds

For most of this year federal workers, postal employees and retirees have been running scared. The issue has been trying to figure out what Congress and the White House could and would do to them, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says. The bottom line, after all that fear and pain, is nothing. At least so far...

Tags: Federal Report , pay and benefits , Congress

Tuesday - 12/27/2011, 02:00am EST

A big holiday thanks to federal workers

Whatever your reason for working this holiday weekend, be assured that Senior Correspondent Mike Causey feels your pain, but thankfully from afar.

Tags: Federal Report , pay and benefits , Christmas , New Years

Monday - 12/26/2011, 02:00am EST

Gifts: What would Justin Bieber do?

If you work for Uncle Sam and you plan on buying your boss a holiday gift, think cheap. And if a contractor tries to shower you with goodies either say no, or get a copy of "Prison For Dummies."

Tags: Federal Report , pay and benefits , Justin Bieber , workforce , gift ban

Thursday - 12/22/2011, 02:00am EST

How's your TSP doing?

Host Mike Causey will talk about the Thrift Savings Plan with Tom Trabucco, director of External Affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board. Also on the show - CBS Moneywatch's Allan Roth.
December 21, 2011

Tags: pay and benefits , Your Turn with Mike Causey , Tom Trabucco , Federal Thrift Investment Board , TSP , Allan Roth , CBS Marketwatch , retirement , retirement benefits , retirement planning

Wednesday - 12/21/2011, 07:19pm EST
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