11:07 am, May 30, 2015

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What's your number?

Even if your retirement plan consists of a couple of coin-filled Mason jars behind the refrigerator or buried in the back yard, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says you should to take the numbers test.

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Friday - 05/29/2015, 03:00am EDT

Leaving the TSP: Is that really a good idea? Or, engineering a 28 percent nose dive

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains what impact a recent Supreme Court decision will have on your Thrift Savings Plan.

Tags: Mike Causeys Federal Report , TSP , pay and benefits , retirement

Thursday - 05/28/2015, 03:00am EDT

What is the best date for you to retire?

Tammy Flanagan with the National Institute of Transition Planning will answer your retirement planning questions, including how to choose the right retirement date for you.
May 27, 2015

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Wednesday - 05/27/2015, 05:11pm EDT

40 minutes to a richer retirement

By picking the right date, federal employees can maximize their income for that year, minimize taxes for the following year and get the most money out of their unused annual leave, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

Tags: Mike Causeys Federal Report , retirement , TSP , benefits , FERS , CSRS , Tammy Flanagan

Wednesday - 05/27/2015, 03:00am EDT

Why are feds leaving free money on the table?

Cut out smoking, if you smoke. Drinking, if you drink. Starbucks, if that is your thing. The point is to put something into the Thrift Savings Plan every pay period, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey in response to readers' comments about the low proportion of FERS employees contributing to the TSP.

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Tuesday - 05/26/2015, 03:00am EDT

Memorial Day salute

More than summer road trips and barbecues, Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey and a former soldier with 30 years of service reflect.

Tags: Memorial Day , Arlington National Cemetery , military , Army

Monday - 05/25/2015, 03:00am EDT

Ghost of Memorial Days' past

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey goes back in time to a Memorial Day when honoring the fallen, not to mention not passing out, was the order of the day.

Tags: Memorial Day , Arlington National Cemetery , Tomb of the Unkown Soldier

Friday - 05/22/2015, 03:00am EDT

The $200 million free state tax refund

A quarter-million-plus feds live or work in Maryland. So, given the U.S. Supreme Court's recent finding that counties in The Free State have been double-taxing some residents, will federal workers score big time? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey turns to a tax expert.

Tags: Maryland , Supreme Court , double taxation

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:00am EDT

Fed bashing: How bad is it?

Federal Drive host Tom Temin joins Mike Causey to discuss fed bashing and federal job security, and Federal Times senior writer Andy Medici will tell us Congress has in store for feds after the Memorial Day break.
May 20, 2015

Tags: pay and benefits , fed bashing , Tom Temin , Federal Drive , job security , Federal Times , Andy Medici , Congress , Your Turn

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 07:22pm EDT

Real victims or self-anointed wimps?

Is fed-bashing, by politicians and the media, worse than ever? Or is life in the federal government so much sweeter than everywhere else, except maybe Wall Street?

Tags: fed-bashing , Your Turn , Tom Temin

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 03:00am EDT
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