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DNI's Hathaway to lead White House cyber office

Sources say she will not be the cyber czar, for now

Tags: technology , management , National Security Council , White House , ODNI , cybersecurity

Friday - 02/06/2009, 07:02pm EST

With Schmidt in place, who's his deputy?

Sources tell FederalNewsRadio that a leading candidate is a staff member on the Senate Intelligence Committee. In the meantime, former White House cybersecurity lead Hathaway and other industry experts offer the new cyber coordinator some advice about priorities and challenges.

Tags: technology , management , Howard Schmidt , James Langevin , Sameer Bhalotra , White House , Senate Select Committee on Intelligence , DHS , DoD , NSA , FBI , ODNI , Mischel Kwon , Liesyl Franz , TechAmerica , RSA , Hathaway Global Strategies , information sharing

Wednesday - 12/23/2009, 12:54pm EST

The nature of cybercrime is changing

Social network and banking scams are on the rise, there's a new hacker challenge, and reasons why there's no cybersecurity czar... yet.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , cisco , Gold Lock , cybersecurity czar

Tuesday - 12/08/2009, 09:00am EST

White House cyber review is just the beginning

Hathaway offers high level details of forth-coming report. Administration expected to release it by May 8.

Tags: technology , White House , INSA , cybersecurity

Friday - 05/01/2009, 07:46pm EDT

Langevin 'concerned and disappointed': still no cybersecurity czar

Earlier this year, there were high hopes for the Obama Administration's cybersecurity policies. Now, however, the departure of one top White House cybersecurity official has raised concerns with a top Rhode Island lawmaker.

Tags: technology , mngt , cybersecurity , Jim Langevin , President Obama , Max Cacas , CSIS

Monday - 08/24/2009, 06:41am EDT

Executive Suite: Melissa Hathaway

Melissa Hathaway of Hathaway Global Strategies discussed cybersecurity as part of the series Executive Suite.

Tags: cybersecurity , technology , In Depth

Tuesday - 06/28/2011, 05:48pm EDT

Congress hears criticisms of WH cyber proposal

Congress heard criticisms of the White House's cybersecurity proposal Friday, including claims that it provides incentives that could make the nation's critical infrastructure less secure.

Tags: technology , policy , cybersecurity , Congress , DHS , Internet Security Alliance , Larry Clinton , Critical infrastructure , Jared Serbu , Cybersecurity Update

Monday - 06/27/2011, 09:30am EDT

Analysis: Pros and cons of White House cyber proposal

Melissa Hathaway, president of Hathaway Global Strategies and the former White House cybersecurity advisor, shares her insights.

Tags: cybersecurity , technology , National CyberSecurity Strategy , White House , Federal Drive

Friday - 05/13/2011, 04:16pm EDT

Where will future cyberpros come from?

In the last 18 months, Melissa Hathaway said, cybersecurity threats have gotten far more stealthy and there is an understanding that it's not just an Internet-based threat. It can come from a multi-media device internally or even a wi-fi device.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , GAO , David Powner

Thursday - 09/02/2010, 08:30am EDT

Will your agency's cybersecurity mandate change?

Your agency's cybersecurity marching orders may be changing. Former cyber czar Melissa Hathaway joined In Depth with Francis Rose with the latest analysis of bills in Congress that could change the nation's cybersecurity mandate. She tells Federal News Radio that it's down to two bills and one could have an impact on the role of CIOs.

Tags: In Depth , technology , cybersecurity , Francis Rose , Congress , FISMA , Vyomika Jairam

Wednesday - 09/01/2010, 08:52pm EDT
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