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Study urges integration of federal health missions

Federal agencies could and should be doing more to bridge the gap between public health and primary medical care in local communities. That's according to a new report from the Institute of Medicine. Researchers say agencies like the CDC and the Health Resources and Services Administration should take advantage of new authorities in the Affordable Care Act to integrate the missions of public health officials and primary care practicioners. Doing so would help prevent disease and provide a better-trained workforce, the institute says.

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Wednesday - 03/28/2012, 04:49pm EDT

Energy dept. builds ultra-high-speed network

The Energy Department says it's linked up three of its national laboratories with a network that can move data at up to ten times the speed commercial IT providers can offer. DOE paid for the Advanced Networking Initiative with $62 million worth of money from the Recovery Act. The network lets researchers at labs in California, Illinois and Tennessee exchange information at 100 gigabits per second. DOE says it thinks the network could also drive the creation of similar technologies for commercial use.

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Tuesday - 12/20/2011, 11:42am EST

Treasury moves FOIA to the cloud

The Treasury Department is taking a cloud-based approach to the Freedom of Information Act. The GoFOIA system includes three new services to make the submission and tracking of FOIA requests electronic. Members of the public can now submit their requests through a guided web portal. Agency personnel can then log in and view those requests through a dashboard format to chart the volume of pending FOIA filings. It also includes a new electronic document management system so Treasury employees can collaborate on putting together their responses to requests.

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Tuesday - 12/20/2011, 11:40am EST

Afghanistan coalition network paves way for future contingency operations

Defense Department and NATO officials say the creation of an interoperable, multinational network for operations in Afghanistan has turned out to be a success story, and changed the way the fight is conducted. The Afghan Mission Network was designed to let members of the International Security and Assistance Force collaborate and exchange information without major reconfigurations to their own national networks. DoD and NATO say that network is now being used as a test bed for future contingency operations.

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Tuesday - 12/20/2011, 11:38am EST

GPO releases first mobile app

The Government Printing Office has developed and released its first mobile app. It's a mobile member guide that provides information on members of Congress. The GPO guide lets users search for members by name, by party, by state or by the chamber they serve in. GPO decided to take a web-based approach to apps rather than developing different versions for each mobile platform. The office says it works well on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices, and it expects to release more apps in the coming months.

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Tuesday - 12/20/2011, 11:36am EST

VA boosts IT workers' productivity

The Department of Veterans Affairs says it's been able to increase the number of IT projects its staff are working on by 60 percent. VA says when it studied its IT projects, it found the people working on some of them were far busier than they were on other projects. So IT employees now work in a competency model, moving their skills from project to project based on VA's needs and priorities at any given time. VA thinks it's also led to a more satisfied workforce. They say turnover right now is about half what it is in the private sector.

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Tuesday - 11/15/2011, 01:54pm EST

OSTP wants ideas on sharing data

The Office of Science and Technology Policy is turning to industry and academia for ideas on how to make sure publicly funded research data is available to the public. Under the America Competes Act, unclassified federally funded research has to be accessible to the public. OSTP wants ideas on how to make sure the data can be preserved, that it's interoperable and accessible, and that it can be reused and re purposed effectively. OSTP will develop recommendations for agency data policy and report them to Congress.

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Tuesday - 11/15/2011, 01:51pm EST

EPA gives awards for environmental apps

The EPA has announced five winners for its Apps for the Environment Challenge. The agency designed the contest to help promote the creation of mobile apps that make innovative uses of EPA's own data. The top overall app the agency selected is a light bulb finder that lets mobile users weigh their lighting needs against financial considerations and the environmental impact of their choices. EPA also selected winners in categories created by students, and a winner for the most popular app as chosen by users.

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Tuesday - 11/15/2011, 01:47pm EST

National Institutes of Health

August 19th, 2009

The new Director of the National Institutes of Health is in place he offered an outline of five themes of opportunity he sees at NIH.

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Wednesday - 08/19/2009, 03:28pm EDT

Green IT at the Postal Service

July 22nd, 2009

The USPS is using green IT to try to help close its huge budget deficit.

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Tuesday - 07/21/2009, 12:01pm EDT
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