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Back-to-school snack bars

Few foods represent fall as well as apples: crisp, familiar, and perfectly portable for snacks on the go. Amazing when slathered with another back-to-school/work workhorse, peanut butter.

Tags: Local Feast , Snack bars , apples

Saturday - 09/18/2010, 10:29am EDT

Finding a ripe pear and autumn pear salad

Few pieces of knowledge are as critical to living a good life as knowing when to eat a pear.

Tags: Pears , Local Feast

Saturday - 09/25/2010, 09:46am EDT

What to do with 25 lbs. of tomatoes

I wait all year for tomato season - and then I can't wait for it to go away.

Tags: tomatoes , tomato soup , Local Feast

Saturday - 08/28/2010, 09:27am EDT

Southwestern cantaloupe and cucumber salad

Melons are finally in season, after a whole summer of growing huge and sugary sweet.

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Saturday - 08/21/2010, 08:54am EDT

Boring BBQ? Try a corn roast

The corn roast is my favorite summer tradition, a big celebration of the corn harvest.

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Saturday - 08/14/2010, 09:25am EDT

Love summer again with this gazpacho

You didn't think I would make you turn on the oven when it's 110 degrees outside did you? Or even the grill? This gazpacho recipe creates only the heat from your blender.

Tags: Local Feast , tomatoes , Gazpacho

Saturday - 07/24/2010, 11:36am EDT

Easiest Ever Strawberry Jam

Tags: Local Feast , Strawberry Jam , Mothers Day

Saturday - 05/08/2010, 10:33am EDT