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IG: Steep decline in Pentagon senior mentors after new rules

The use senior mentors retired military officers or former high-level civilian officials hired as contractors has dropped precipitously in the year and a half since the Defense Department instituted stiffer conflict-of-interest rules and a pay cap, according to an inspector general's report issued last week.

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Wednesday - 11/09/2011, 08:10am EST

Marines frustrated by ban on bracelets

The bracelets commemorate friends who were killed in action and vary in design; some are rubber, some are metal. But they're considered unauthorized jewelry, and the Marine Corps has banned them.

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Tuesday - 10/18/2011, 08:37am EDT

DoD taking CAC in new directions

Biometrics, more card memory giving military more options. In the future, employees may be able to use federal ID cards on metro.

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Thursday - 08/06/2009, 06:30am EDT

More Marines Headed to Haiti

The Pentagon is ordering another 2,000 Marines to Haiti, diverting troops that were on their way to the Persian Gulf and Africa region. Navy officials say three ships that left Virginia Monday for their regular deployment have been told to go Haiti instead for the earthquake relief effort. The first group of some 2,000 Marines already off Haiti's shore went on land for the first time Tuesday to help deliver aid. A Pentagon official says there are some 11,500 U.S. military personal in Haiti or offshore and 16,000 are expected by week's end.

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Wednesday - 01/20/2010, 08:41pm EST

NATO launches attacks

U.S. Marines and Afghan troops launched their long-expected attack over the weekend on the biggest Taliban-held town in the south, seeking to re-establish government control and undermine support for the militants in their southern heartland. The attack on Marjah is the biggest joint Afghan-international offensive of the war and is the largest combat operation since President Barack Obama ordered 30,000 U.S. more troops there last year to turn the tide of the war.

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Tuesday - 02/16/2010, 07:44pm EST

GAO: Guam military hub to cost $23.9B

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Tuesday - 06/28/2011, 04:12pm EDT

Sailors, Marines begin training to phase out Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The essions will include a slideshow detailing what has and has not changed.

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Monday - 03/07/2011, 03:00pm EST

Marines award contract for new sensor systems

The Marines give out a $58 million contract for some new combat gear. Learn more in today's DoD report

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Monday - 06/13/2011, 06:40pm EDT

Marine Cyber Command up and running

A major progress update for the Marine Corps Cyberspace Command. Learn more in today's Cybersecurity Update.

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Friday - 06/10/2011, 06:30pm EDT
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