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See the Pay Go

Why capping the salaries of certain executives isn't such a good idea.

Tags: Leadership Matters , pay czar , Ken Feinberg

Monday - 10/26/2009, 03:23pm EDT

President Obama, Recovery and the City that Care Forgot

Maybe tax funds should stay in the Crescent City

Tags: Barack Obama , New Orleans , Hurricane Katrina , Michael Chertoff , Clay Johnson , job creation , small business

Monday - 10/19/2009, 11:24am EDT

CBO Scoring and the Spin Meisters

Understatement of the Month: the CBO's scoring of Healthcare is preliminary.

Tags: Barack Obama , Congressional Budget Office , CBO , Nancy Pelosi , Harry Reid , Max Baucus , Senate Finance Committee

Monday - 10/12/2009, 09:39am EDT

The Small Business Bait and Switch

Let me tell you how bait-and-switch works.

Tags: SBA , bait and switch

Monday - 09/28/2009, 01:29pm EDT

Pie Crust Promises: President Obama and Procurement Reform

Who is minding the store?

Tags: mngt , procurement , acquisition , OFPP , GSA , Barack Obama

Monday - 09/21/2009, 11:18am EDT

The Gathering Storm: Trade, Debt and Disaster

When the Administration has bad news and hopes to control the timing and discussion of the issue, the press release appears late on a Friday afternoon. This past Friday was no exception.

Tags: Obama administration , trade wars , tariffs , United Steelworkers

Monday - 09/14/2009, 02:52pm EDT

President Obama's Address on Healthcare Reform: The Stakes are High

President Barack Obama will tell the nation's schoolchildren Tuesday he "expects great things" from each of them.

Tags: Barack Obama , healthcare reform , H.R. 3200

Tuesday - 09/08/2009, 07:02am EDT

Reevaluating Cash For Clunkers: Will It Be Worth It?

Is a one-time, one-and-a-half month, uptick in car sales for some car dealers worth the full, economic costs of the Cash for Clunkers program?

Tags: Cash for Clunkers , cars , President Obama , Ray Lahood , NHTSA , Department of Transportation

Monday - 08/24/2009, 01:50pm EDT
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