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Federal Workers and Help for Haiti: Past, Present & Future

What's important now, is that, even as the United States renders extraordinary emergency assistance, we begin working on our Haitian-exit strategy. Haiti deserves more than a future where it survives, forever tied to U.S. apron strings, living from dole to dole.

Tags: columns , Haiti , State , DHS , HHS , defense , FAA

Monday - 01/18/2010, 11:53am EST

Obama Opts Out of Procurement Reform

The President delegated reform appropriately, except that the person to whom he delegated the task doesn't yet exist.

Tags: OMB , Barack Obama , procurement reform , acquisition , SARA Panel , Federal Acquisition Institute , Defense Acquisition University , oversight , OFPP , Daniel Gordon , Peter Drucker , GSA , DoD , DHS

Monday - 11/02/2009, 11:09am EST

TSA and government execution risks

TSA's mishandling and misuse of backscatter technologies will have damaging effects, both on individuals and on our country's economic viability.

Tags: TSA , DHS , Christmas bomber , Passport Information Electronic System , backscatter , technology , NII , State , Al Qaeda

Monday - 01/11/2010, 11:17am EST

FY2011: Federal Workers are the New Fat Cats

Federal workers, receiving even modest pay increases at a time when many Americans are just trying to hold on to their jobs, now fall into the category of high income earners.

Tags: fat cats , Obama administration , Green Book , Earned Income Credit , estate tax , Steny Hoyer , FY 2011 budget , budget

Monday - 02/08/2010, 03:15pm EST

President Obama and the 2010 State of the Union

If federal workers listen closely to the State of the Union address, they can get a good sense of what agency priorities are going to be for the upcoming year.

Tags: Barack Obama , 111th Congress , State of the Union , ARRA , healthcare reform , fiscal commission , Waxman-Markey , Iraq , Afghanistan , Haiti , budget

Monday - 01/25/2010, 11:40am EST

Continuing Resolution and the Myth of Job Creation

New jobs can't be created in the federal government as things stand.

Tags: stimulus , Bureau of Labor Statistics , continuing resolution , CR , job creation , Jobless numbers , Unemployment statistics

Monday - 11/09/2009, 02:17pm EST

The Promise of "Unprecedented Transparency": The 90 Day Litmus Test

Now would be a good time for a review of the stimulus.

Tags: Barack Obama , stimulus , HALP , Clunkers , czars , passback , OMB , transparency

Monday - 08/17/2009, 02:00pm EDT

TARP and campaign donations

One hand washing the other makes them all look dirty.

Tags: TARP , stimulus , campaign donations , campaign finance reform , Chrysler , JP Morgan Chase , Goldman Sachs

Monday - 05/18/2009, 11:26am EDT

Zero Based Budgeting and Bloat

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing... Which is a great place to start.

Tags: mngt , stimulus , OMB , zero based budgeting

Monday - 02/09/2009, 01:04pm EST

Summing Up

This is my last, weekly Op-Ed on Federal News Radio, and I want our listeners to know that I appreciate the wonderful support, emails, and comments you have made over the past year.

Tags: Federal News Radio , Leadership Matters , stimulus , federal budget , contracting , small business , deficit , job creation , Peter Orszag

Monday - 02/22/2010, 10:54am EST
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