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Anti-this, pro-that, all convene at White House

What do Yemeni violence, Bahrain's monarchy and genetically modified foods have in common?

Tags: protest , White House , Yemen , Bahrain , Syria , Genetically Modified foods

Sunday - 03/27/2011, 11:14am EDT

How do we know who stands for what?

Dave Ross, commentator

Tags: Dave Ross , Newt Gingrich , Moammar Gadhafi , no-fly zone , Arab League

Thursday - 03/24/2011, 07:56pm EDT

Oil trading based on speculation, fear

Alison Kosik, business correspondent for CNN

Tags: Alison Kosik , CNN , oil ,

Wednesday - 03/23/2011, 08:33pm EDT

Libya costs won't blow up the budget

The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, in an analysis this month, estimated that the Libyan no-fly zone could cost $100 million to $300 million per week. The Hill's Sam Youngman puts those numbers into perspective for us.

Tags: Federal Drive , Congress , The Hill , budget , FY 2012 , continuing resolution , Sam Youngman , Suzanne Kubota

Wednesday - 03/23/2011, 10:31am EDT

The briefest coalition of the willing ever?

Dave Ross, commentator

Tags: Dave Ross , Barack Obama , Moammar Gadhafi

Tuesday - 03/22/2011, 05:57pm EDT

Bad timing for second thoughts

Dave Ross, commentator

Tags: Dave Ross , Arab League , Amr Moussa , Moammar Gadhafi

Monday - 03/21/2011, 07:02pm EDT

Mood in Arab world remains against Gadhafi

Shibley Telhami, Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland

Tags: University of Maryland , Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development , Shibley Telhami , Moammar Gadhafi

Monday - 03/21/2011, 06:53pm EDT

'Chinks in the armor' among U.S. allies in Libya

Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, former U.S. ambassador to Morocco and presidential advisor

Tags: Moammar Gadhafi , no-fly zone

Monday - 03/21/2011, 12:04pm EDT

Libya raises questions about U.S. foreign policy

Cal Thomas, commentator

Tags: Moammar Gadhafi , no-fly zone

Monday - 03/21/2011, 12:02pm EDT

Libya: stay or go?

The international military intervention in Libya is likely to last "awhile," a top French official said Monday, echoing Moammar Gadhafi's warning of a long war ahead as rebels said they were fighting to reclaim a city under the Libyan leader's control. We get an update from the AP's Sagar Meghani.

Tags: Federal Drive , Defense , DoD Report , Sagar Meghani ,

Monday - 03/21/2011, 09:40am EDT
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