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Do you know what a Loya Jirga is?

It's a Pashto term for "grand council" and the Afghan government has invited the Taliban to attend one. A Loya Jirga is a consultative system that Afghans have used for more than 1,000 years to settle affairs of the nation or to rally people behind a particular cause. The first Jirga was held near Kandahar in 1709 to oust an brutal governor appointed by Iranian conquerors. The last was 2006 in Qalat to discuss the rights and sovereignty of Balochistan. They are often conducted to promote unity.

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Thursday - 01/28/2010, 05:49pm EST

Karzai Targeted

The brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Ahmad Wali Karzai has become a target of NATO --so to speak. British Major General Nick Carter, a top commander in Afghanistan said his plan is to reduce his role in the day-to-day governing of Kandahar. The president's brother has been accused of ties to drug traffickers for many years and represents an impediment to transparency in Afghanistan. Carter's goals is to see to it that the actual governor of the Kandahar province gets to govern.

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Tuesday - 06/01/2010, 12:17am EDT