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Assange urges US to end Wikileaks 'witch hunt'

ikileaks founder Julian Assange portrayed himself Sunday as a victim of an American "witch hunt."

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Sunday - 08/19/2012, 08:35pm EDT

WikiLeaks' Assange caught in legal troubles

CNN's Brian Todd brings the latest in extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 03:40pm EST

Hackers post phony Tupac story on PBS website

PBS officials say hackers have cracked the network's website, posting a phony story claiming dead rapper Tupac Shakur was alive in New Zealand, and a group that claimed responsibility for the hacking complained about a recent "Frontline" investigative news program on WikiLeaks.

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Monday - 05/30/2011, 08:06pm EDT

WikiLeaks aftermath: What is unpublishable?

The lawyer who represented the New York Times in the Pentagon Papers case writes about the differences between the two document leaks.

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Tuesday - 01/04/2011, 01:46pm EST

WikiLeaks is not just about WikiLeaks

The Pulse blog and The Economist report on the broader context of WikiLeaks on State diplomacy in an online world.

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Monday - 12/20/2010, 03:40pm EST

Assange hit by more setbacks

Two major setbacks for Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange. He was denied a Swedish residency permit and his website had been dumped by a company that handled many of its donations. The Swedish government declined to say why he was denied residency saying the reason was confidential. As far as donations go, told Assange he'd been dropped because of concerns about risk management and his website had essentially been watch listed.

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Monday - 10/18/2010, 06:46pm EDT

Assange was obsessed

What led to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's decision to release 75 thousand classified documents obtained from a U.S. Army private? A former group spokesman, who quit the organization said it was becoming consumed by its confrontation with the Pentagon. Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a German who said he left because of Assange's management style. He told Der Speigel he had serious problems with Assange's "obsession" with attacking the U.S. government.

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Wednesday - 10/06/2010, 01:28pm EDT

Wikileaks condemned again

The "height of irresponsibility". That what the Pentagon says about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's decision to release another 15-thousand documents related to the war in Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says "there are very serious operational consequences. There are the names of a lot of Afghans who have worked with us and helped us in those documents." He added the documents contain a significant amount of information about U.S. tactics, techniques and procedures, including places where they are vulnerable.

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Monday - 08/16/2010, 11:31am EDT