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Bill calls for 'socially responsible' TSP fund

A new bill would allow federal employees to contribute toward their retirement by investing only in companies deemed socially responsible. The "Federal Employees Responsible Investment Act," introduced this week by Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), would require the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board to add a "Corporate Responsibility Index" to the existing five investment options available to federal employees.

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Friday - 11/22/2013, 05:14pm EST

Column: Cyber dominance meaningless without skilled workforce

Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.), co-founder of the bipartisan Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, says the U.S. is falling short when it comes to a skilled cyber workforce capable of operating at the highest levels of its field. His column is part of Federal News Radio's special report, Cybersecurity Rising.

Tags: Rhode Island , cybersecurity , House , Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th President , Cybersecurity Rising , Workforce , Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus , House Armed Services Committee

Wednesday - 10/24/2012, 03:31am EDT

Congressman pitches cybersecurity amendments to defense bill

As cybersecurity-specific bills stall in Congress, Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I) has suggested amending the defense bill to get the biggest cyber initiatives passed.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , Congress , cybersecurity bills , NDAA , DoD authorization bill , DoD

Thursday - 05/17/2012, 03:22pm EDT

Langevin 'concerned and disappointed': still no cybersecurity czar

Earlier this year, there were high hopes for the Obama Administration's cybersecurity policies. Now, however, the departure of one top White House cybersecurity official has raised concerns with a top Rhode Island lawmaker.

Tags: Technology , mngt , cybersecurity , Melissa Hathaway , President Obama , Max Cacas , CSIS

Monday - 08/24/2009, 06:41am EDT

Board objects to proposed TSP fund

Tom Trabucco, director of external affairs at the Thrift Investment Board, explains why the board opposes what one congressman is calling a socially responsible fund that he wants added to your Thrift Savings Plan.

Tags: Thrift Savings Plan , Tom Trabucco , mutual funds , Federal Employees Responsible Investment Act , corporate responsibility , Dorobek Insider , pay and benefits

Monday - 09/27/2010, 06:50pm EDT

Langevin warns of cyber attacks on power grid

Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) says that despite attempts to improve cybersecurity standards at power plants, there are still gaping holes.

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Friday - 07/15/2011, 06:27pm EDT

Calls for Senate-confirmed cyber official revived

House lawmakers want to add the requirement for a White House official to oversee cybersecurty policy and budget across civilian agencies. Rep. Langevin said the current set up with DHS in charge of civilian networks isn't good enough. Members also want more attention paid to the security of the supply chain.

Tags: Technology , management , Howard Schmidt , Greg Schaffer , Jason Chaffetz , elijah cummings , DHS , White House , House Oversight and Government Reform Committee , cybersecurity , Supply chain security , FISMA , Jason Miller

Monday - 07/11/2011, 08:06am EDT

Bill would create National Office of Cyberspace

Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) has introduced the Executive Cyberspace Coordination Act.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , FISMA , Executive Cyberspace Coordination Act

Wednesday - 03/16/2011, 02:01pm EDT
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