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White House team tackles identity management in the cloud

A working group is developing common requirements for a federated cloud identity management shared service. NIH already showed how this could be done with its iTrust tools. The tiger team is expected to issue the common standards in the next few months.

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Thursday - 04/26/2012, 06:05am EDT

NSTIC about to award contract for ID ecosystem

Jeremy Grant, the senior advisor for National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, said his group is about to award a contract to manage a future set of working groups, each of which will develop a component of the ID ecosystem.

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Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 06:03am EDT

NIST offering grants to get rid of passwords

The password isn't dead yet, but "we think it needs to be shot," said Jeremy Grant, NIST's senior advisor for identity management, in an interview with The Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

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Monday - 02/06/2012, 09:29am EST

NIST to fund pilots to improve online transactions

The agency will fund five-to-eight projects between $1.25 million and $2 million for up to two years. The pilot programs will cover NSTIC's four principles to make identity management secure, interoperable, privacy-enhancing and cost effective.

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Thursday - 02/02/2012, 04:06pm EST

Jeremy Grant


Wednesday - 10/26/2011, 07:46pm EDT

Vendors face smaller profit margins from government work

Experts say agencies are a tough buyer, especially when purchasing commodity or commercial items. The government's size and push for competition makes it an intelligent buyer too. The government still struggles, however, when writing requirements, long-time contracting officials say.

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Monday - 10/19/2009, 06:30am EDT

HSPD-12 and a Half?

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Monday - 11/10/2008, 10:28am EST

NIST unveils cyber identity strategy

The idea is simple: Create a secure online portal to make online transactions more trustworthy.

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Friday - 04/15/2011, 05:01pm EDT

Grant to head trusted identities program at NIST

Jeremy Grant shares his top priorities as the incoming

Tags: NIST , Cybersecurity Update , technology , management , trusted identities , Dorobek Insider

Thursday - 02/03/2011, 02:46pm EST
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