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DOJ aggregates FOIA data in web portal

The Justice Department is taking information about how agencies are responding to the Freedom of Information Act, and putting it all in one place. is a new web portal that takes each federal agency's annual FOIA report, and puts it into an online, customizable, searchable database with colorful charts and graphs. Users can compare one agency's FOIA performance to another, see how much each agency spends to comply with the open records law, and how big the backlog of unanswered requests is. It also gives members of the public information help with filing a Freedom of Information Act request.

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Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 01:13pm EDT

VA automation to increase accuracy of claims processing

The Department of Veterans Affairs is relying on the promise of technology to meet its goal of eliminating its backlog of claims for disability benefits by 2015. VA Secretary Erik Shinseki says they are hiring more people to process claims, but those new workers don't always have the experience to process claims accurately. To bridge that gap, the department is building IT systems that use a rules based engine to automate the results they'd get from a skilled, veteran claims processor. Their ultimate goal is to automate the claims process entirely, with a 98 percent accuracy rate.

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Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 01:11pm EDT

Using IT to tackle improper payments

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are exploring how they can use some of the technology used by credit card companies to cut down on fraud, by stopping improper payments before they happen. The agency plans to use money from the Small Business Jobs bill to test out technology known as predictive modeling. Banks use it to detect transactions that don't mesh up with a card holder's typical spending patterns. CMS thinks it might be a way to stop improper payments beforehand - rather than chasing down fraud after it's already happened.

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Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 01:11pm EDT

USPS to defend union contract

The Postal Service will save more than $3 billion over the next several years under a labor agreement it negotiated with one of its largest unions, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe will tell Congress Tuesday. House lawmakers have called a hearing to examine the deal with the American Postal Workers Union and other USPS workforce issues.

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Monday - 04/04/2011, 07:40pm EDT

DoD to begin phasing out SSNs on ID cards

The Defense Department will begin taking Social Security numbers off of the ID cards held by DoD employees and retirees. The changes, part of a 2008 SSN reduction plan, will begin in June, officials said.

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Monday - 04/04/2011, 06:37pm EDT

DLA deploying enterprise contracting system

After 10 years of development and planning, the Defense Logistics Agency, the Defense Department's primary purchaser of almost everything besides weapons systems, is beginning to roll out a new enterprisewide system to automate the writing and management of the thousands of contract actions it processes each day.

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Wednesday - 03/30/2011, 07:20pm EDT

Programs continue despite cost overruns, GAO says

The Government Accountability Office said in findings announced to Congress Tuesday that the Nunn-McCurdy amendment, designed to curtail cost growth in Defense programs, has succeeded in bringing an end to only one overly costly military program in the last 14 years.

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Tuesday - 03/29/2011, 04:30pm EDT

Carter: DoD needs acquisition 'fast lane'

Ashton Carter, the Defense Department's undersecretary for acquisitions, said the Pentagon can buy things quickly when it truly needs to. But when it comes to supporting overseas contingency operations, he said the country needs a dedicated, permanent "fast lane" that leapfrogs DoD's notoriously slow methods of buying goods and services.

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Tuesday - 03/29/2011, 07:23am EDT

New FBI system boosts fingerprint ID capability

The FBI is beginning to replace its fingerprint identification system with a next-generation version that will dramatically speed up the time it takes to link prints to an identity. The agency says the next generation identification system reached initial operating capability this month at its Clarksburg, West Virginia information services facility. For high-priority prints, it'll be able to find a match in as little as ten minutes - compared to the two hours required for a ten-fingerprint match using the previous generation IAFIS system.

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Monday - 03/28/2011, 07:16pm EDT

FAA studies iPads for navigation

The FAA has been studying whether tablet devices can replace paper aeronautical charts in the cockpits of planes. And for at least one charter jet company, the answer is yes. The agency has given the go-ahead to a large executive aircraft operator to use iPads equipped with a special app to display charts to pilots electronically through all phases of flight. The decision follows three months of testing - including an in-flight decompression test at 50-thousand feet - in which the device held up just fine.

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Monday - 03/28/2011, 07:13pm EDT
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