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Improper payment oversight improves

Obama administration officials told Congress agencies are taking a more aggressive stance than ever in their efforts to cut improper payments. The White House has set a goal of reducing such payments by $50 billion by next fiscal year.

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Thursday - 05/26/2011, 07:53am EDT

Gates: Pay and benefits should be on table for cuts

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the military is not the cause of the nation's debt and deficits -- but it needs to be part of the solution. And he said finding that solution could involve reexamining military pay and benefits.

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Wednesday - 05/25/2011, 08:21am EDT

Defense puts green in its blueprints

Contractors building facilities for the Navy and Marine Corps have to offer up some green elements in their blueprints. WFED's Jared Serbu reports.

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Monday - 05/23/2011, 09:40am EDT

Army heeding call for acquisition reforms

The Secretary of the Army said Wednesday that the service agreed with most of the recommendations of a blue ribbon panel on reforming its acquisition process. Secretary John McHugh told Congress the Army was moving forward with 63 of the 76 recommendations.

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Thursday - 05/19/2011, 06:46pm EDT

NTIA launches

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is partnering with nine federal agencies for a new online initiative designed to boost digital literacy among Americans. The new is designed to centralize resources for teaching computer and Internet skills, so they can be easily deployed to public libraries and other learning sites across the country. NTIA says the target audience is the 28 percent of Americans who currently don't use the internet at all.

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Thursday - 05/19/2011, 06:36pm EDT

USDA web tool highlights "food deserts"

The Department of Agriculture is trying to shine a spotlight on what it calls "food deserts" -- low income neighborhoods with poor access to nutritious food. USDA's Economic Research Service developed a Food Desert Locator, a web-based mapping tool that shows food deserts across the U.S., and shows population characteristics in those census tracts. The Department says it wants to help policymakers and researchers expand access to fresh and healthy food in the 6500 deserts across the country.

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Thursday - 05/19/2011, 06:35pm EDT

Agencies share recall data with smartphone barcode scanner

A new mobile app lets smartphone users instantly check to see whether any product on a store shelf has been recalled, and why. The new app lets users scan a product's UPC code with their phone's camera, then searches government databases to see if it's been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Food and Drug Administration or the Department of Agriculture. It's one of 18 new mobile government apps the General Services Administration is making available as part of the redesign of the website.

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Thursday - 05/19/2011, 06:33pm EDT

Labor department launches wage-tracking mobile app

The Labor Department is out with its very first smartphone app. It's designed to let anyone track the hours they work and the wages due to them. The idea, according to Labor is to let employees keep their own records, so they don't have to rely on their employers' systems. The department says that information can prove invaluable when it comes to disputes filed with the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division. For now, the app is for iPhone only, but Labor says they're exploring other devices.

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Thursday - 05/19/2011, 06:30pm EDT

FCC, FEMA, wireless industry develop mobile emergency alerts

The FCC and FEMA have teamed up with the wireless industry to create a new emergency warning system for mobile devices. The Personal Localized Alerting Network is designed to blast emergency messages to every mobile device in a geographic area -- regardless of where that phone came from or what network it's on. The nation's four largest wireless carriers are part of the effort, which will come online by the end of the year in New York City, and in the rest of the country by next spring.

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Thursday - 05/19/2011, 06:30pm EDT

Census experimenting with online data collection

The Census Bureau is experimenting with ways to collect data using the Internet. The bureau didn't use online data collection for the 2010 Census, but officials say they are already getting responses via the Internet for their ongoing American Community Survey. By the end of the year, they expect one million people to have responded to the ACS online, and many people are using mobile devices to respond to the survey. The Bureau plans to use what they learn to plan online efforts for the full 2020 Census.

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Thursday - 05/19/2011, 06:29pm EDT
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