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Global supply-chain security initiative to gather private-sector feedback

The global supply chain is getting more secure. President Barack Obama has signed the National Strategy for Global Supply Chain, which aims to promote the efficient and secure movement of goods throughout the global economy. Seth Stodder, president and CEO of Palindrome Strategies, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the new strategy and the role he will take.

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Friday - 02/03/2012, 04:56pm EST

Napolitano: Homeland, economic security 'go hand-in-hand'

Homeland security and economic wellbeing will be increasingly tied together in the coming year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in prepared remarks for a speech at a National Press Club luncheon Monday. In addition to the relationship between security and trade, Napolitano discussed the increasing role the agency plays in cybersecurity.

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Monday - 01/30/2012, 05:00pm EST

Former CBP chief Bersin in new DHS role

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Alan Bersin had been appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as the department's first assistant secretary of international affairs. Bersin, who served as the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection in a recess appointment, resigned last month after Congress adjourned without voting to confirm his appointment.

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Monday - 01/02/2012, 08:11pm EST

DHS issues network, computer protection plan

"Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future" includes ideas for hardening critical networks and prosecuting cyber crime.

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Tuesday - 12/13/2011, 11:35am EST

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano offers answers about future of her agency

Workforce reforms, SBINet two issues Senate Homeland Security Committee wanted her to talk about.

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Monday - 03/01/2010, 07:08pm EST

Concern voiced about virtual fence

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testifies about her most recent factfinding visit with Mexican officials, and also about the status of a Bush Administration-ordered "virtual fence", which many in government now consider an expensive failure.

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Monday - 03/01/2010, 06:36am EST

DHS clarifies rules around laptop searches at the border

The new directives come as the ACLU sues the agency for more information on the former policy's impact. Secretary Napolitano says the updated rules will improve privacy and civil liberties.

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Thursday - 08/27/2009, 04:49pm EDT
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